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Key business-related concerns our software addresses

Increase revenue by enhancing a sales cycle

Leverage the latest technologies and best practices to have a custom HVAC CRM that helps your business make a profit.

Optimize processes unique to the HVAC industry

Save time and increase productivity by automating key HVAC operations and administrative tasks across multiple departments.

Measure what matters to your HVAC business

Make the most of the sophisticated reporting capabilities to monitor your business performance in real-time and make timely decisions.

Lead Management

Turn leads into closed deals faster by effectively managing estimates and quotes for installations and work orders. Help your field service technicians to drive sales easier and smarter. No need to “sales pitch” anymore.

Installations and Maintenance Job Management

Let technology assist your technicians in managing installations and maintenance tasks including assigning jobs, service history tracking, notifications of projects’ due dates or delays.  

Inventory Management

Create a powerful warehouse by organizing and automating operational processes related to sales activities, resources allocation, forecasting, tracking and accounting.  Staying on top of your inventory will maximize your customer service productivity and expedite revenue growth. 

Scheduling and dispatching

Connect the office with the field by building in real-time communications and tracking features to streamline scheduling and dispatching. Say goodbye to unexpended changes, delays and unhappy customers. 


Take accounting under control by automating workflows and related document management including invoices, billing sheets, status of payments, customized reports and customer profiles. 

Powerful Reporting

Make the most of the reporting capabilities to have a full view of any aspect of your business performance with a simple click. Dynamic dashboards tailored to your specific KPIs will turn numbers into actionable insights.  

User roles management

Assign well-defined user roles and privilege level for each user groups (administrators, technicians, installers) to manage access to relevant features and secure access to confidential information. 

Powerful integrations

Let your CRM talk to other third-party applications and have access to all systems and data from one centralized place. By integrating platforms such as Quick Book, Zoho Inventory and Marketing tools you  bring your multiple business areas together that gives you a full control over the business.  

Reqest a free demo to start with the right HVAC CRM solution

A custom HVAC software is a purpose-built solution that will address specific to your business requirements. While there are many ready-made solutions on the market, that might work till some extent, they will hardly compete with a custom CRM developed taking into considerations not only key HVAC industry features but also your specific business needs (processes, workflows, integrations etc.) As an owner of the small or medium business, you also want to own the product and manage costs in alignment with business needs. This is why a custom HVAC CRM is a good investment decision in the short and a long term.

HVAC application is an all-in-one software that allows you to run your business from all aspects. Unlike generic CRM applications, HVAC software is meant to address functionalities and needs through the entire HVAC installation and maintenance cycle. With the proper tool, you keep all your team on the same page when it comes to real-time scheduling, dispatching and ongoing updates, driving sales opportunities faster and smarter, managing inventory while minimizing paperwork and errors and access to the business performance data at any time from everywhere.  HVAC solution is a must tool to ease the work for your technicians connecting them to the office in a real-time and allowing them to manage estimates, quotes, installations and maintenance jobs in a faster and effective way. 

At Convergine, we offer our customers solutions tailored to their requirements and needs. Having a mobile version is common need to ensure flexibility, easy access to the tool for technicians. With 10+ years of experience in mobile app development, we can build an attractive, intuitive and user- friendly app for your target audience.   

Yes. At Convergine, we can integrate various third-party platforms, including QuickBooks, Zoho Inventory and different marketing platforms. 

At Convergine, we understand that the good solution should not only address the customer existing needs and demands but also grow in tandem with the business.  

All-in-one HVAC application has a full capacity not only to support the growth but also scale as the business moves forward. In addition to features and functionalities that already make business operations (communication, scheduling, dispatching, accounting etc.)  easier and faster, you have a flexibility to add more resources (technicians) without sacrificing efficiency. An optimized and automated sales cycle, streamlined communications and easy access to the data enable you to make informative decisions leading to the revenue growth.  At Convergine, it is our goal to work closely with our customers to build a functional, cost-saving and long–term solution.  

Understanding the customer needs and readiness to adopt new technologies is part of our assessment phase. We take the time to learn as much about your business and environment to offer the right solution. At Convergine, we have extensive experience in building intuitive and user-friendly applications for different customer groups.  As technicians play a crucial role in the HVAC business, we take extra time to ensure that the tool works for them and makes their job easier and faster.  

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