Convergine becomes a Verified Craft CMS Partner

August 13, 2021 / Time to read: 3 minutes
Convergine becomes a Verified Craft CMS Partner
We are excited to announce that Convergine became a Verified Craft CMS partner. This post focuses on why we choose and added this platform to our capabilities and how it can benefit our clients.

It all started with our quest to deliver the best digital solutions to our clients by leveraging the latest technology out there. Being an expert WordPress developer for over 10 years, we were also looking for modern solutions to offer our clients to meet today's requirements in website performance, content management experience, security, and others. With time, we gained an in-depth knowledge of WP disadvantages related to our small to medium enterprise customers, which led us to look for alternatives. It was a few years ago when we first discovered Craft CMS. We liked it for a number of reasons that were important to us. Here are some of them worthwhile highlighting: 

  • It’s written using a modern codebase.
  • It's extremely intuitive and easy to use back-office.
  • Offers a wide selection of quality plugins.
  • Loading speed is very fast.


Additionally, with Craft CMS, your content comes first and therefore allows us to custom-build every website around your content and deliver more customer-tailored solutions.

Have we stopped using WordPress? No, we still use WordPress but have added the Craft CMS to our capabilities to offer our clients more modern options. Our experience and expertise with Craft CMS reached the level when we were able to apply and become a Verified Craft CMS Partner receiving this endorsement after the "Pixel and Tonic," the authority behind Craft CMS, successfully verified our projects, code, and company.

Key Benefits of using Craft CMS   

Want to know more about why we choose this CMS and what sets it apart from WordPress and other website builders? We adopted Craft CMS because of its many benefits to our clients and us, including: 

Craft makes it extremely easy to manage content. Unlike WordPress, where the process of managing your website content is convoluted, Craft CMS is straightforward to use for anyone. Business owners, writers, developers, and designers can use the CMS effortlessly to create, edit, and manage their content.  

A perfect option for reducing website bloat. You can build a highly functional website on Craft CMS without the need for additional plugins. This is one of the advantages it has over WordPress, which requires plugins to be functional. Furthermore, Craft CMS is packed with features like eCommerce, localization, and rebranding.  

Offers better security.  While WordPress users worry about the vulnerability of their website to hackers, this isn’t much of a concern for websites built with Craft CMS. The CMS is written using a modern codebase, and it is regularly updated, so bugs or speed issues rarely arise. 

Learn more about why and how Craft CMS stands out.  

Benefits of working with a Craft CMS  verified partner 

Convergine, as a Craft CMS verified partner, has proven, in-depth knowledge of the CMS and knows how to use all its features to deliver a successful project. We also have a breadth of experience using Craft CMS to build varieties of digital solutions.   

So, whether you want to build a new website using Craft CMS or make some changes to your existing Craft CMS website, you can work with partners, like Convergine with complete peace of mind that your projects are in good hands.   

Lastly, Craft CMS partners have been verified to exhibit reliable business practices, so be assured that they will professionally handle your project. 

Want to learn more about our web development services and to see if Craft CMS is the right CMS for your website? Let’s talk.


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