Your business applications are the backbone of your company's success.

From accounting software to CRM and project management tools, these web applications keep your operations running smoothly. But when issues arise, they can grind productivity to a halt and damage your bottom line. Our team is here to identify and resolve any issues quickly so you focus on what's critical – keep your business running.

Ensuring the health of your key systems is crucial to the success of your business. From buggy software to traffic surges, lost data, and vulnerabilities, there's a lot that can get in the way of your ability to run your business smoothly. That's where our application-managed services come in. With continuous monitoring and a constant feedback loop, we quickly detect and resolve issues, so you can focus on managing your business processes, working with leads, and communicating with your customers. We analyze performance data in real-time, providing proactive and real-time resolution of any issues that arise. You can rest easy knowing that your business apps will always remain stable, functional, and secure.

What are we going to do 

Real-time monitoring

Our APM service monitors your application in real-time to detect and address any performance issues before they become critical.

Performance analysis and reporting

Our APM tools provide comprehensive analysis and reporting on application performance, giving you insights into usage patterns, bottlenecks, and other performance metrics.

Error tracking

Our APM system tracks and logs errors in real-time, making it easy to identify and resolve issues that impact application performance and functionality.

Customizable dashboards

Our APM dashboard can be customized to display the metrics and data that are most relevant to your business, enabling you to track performance and identify issues quickly and easily.

Cloud infrastructure management

Our APM service includes cloud infrastructure management, ensuring that your application runs smoothly and efficiently on cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Alert notifications

Our APM system sends out alerts in real-time when performance issues are detected, allowing you to respond quickly and avoid downtime.

User experience monitoring

Our APM tools can track and monitor user experience metrics, including page load times, response times, and more, enabling you to optimize performance and deliver a better user experience.

Proactive optimization

Our APM team is proactive in optimizing your application's performance, including conducting routine checks, applying software updates, and making adjustments as needed to ensure your application runs smoothly and efficiently.

How your business will benefit

Improve user experience

Businesses can proactively identify and resolve performance issues to ensure a smooth and seamless user experience.

Improve user experience

APM helps optimize application performance, improving business efficiency and productivity.

Reduce downtime

By quickly detecting and resolving issues, businesses will minimize downtime and keep critical applications running.

Mitigate risks

APM can help identify potential security vulnerabilities and other threats to the application, allowing companies to take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Stay competitive

In today's digital landscape, having a fast and reliable application is crucial for staying competitive and attracting and retaining customers.

Save costs

APM helps businesses identify areas where resources are underutilized or wasted, potentially saving costs and increasing ROI.

Predictive insights

APM can provide insights into potential future performance issues, allowing businesses to take proactive measures to prevent them before they occur.

Mitigate risks

APM can help identify potential security vulnerabilities and other threats to the application, allowing companies to take proactive measures to mitigate them.

Customizable solutions

APM services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, providing customized solutions that fit their specific requirements.

We cover your business

Our SLA ensures that there’s someone there, monitoring your business application carefully, ready to hop in and optimize resources and make adjustments or repairs when they’re needed.
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Guaranteed availability of our team to address support requests as a top priority.
Scan it against possible vulnerabilities.
Functional checks and real user monitoring.
Close monitoring of its uptime and all activity around it.

Do you know how much an outage could cost your business?

Downtime calculator will help you measure the business impact of a potential IT disaster for whatever reason:
hacked website, server being down or your business application malfunction.

Current Downtime:



recovery cost

TimespanLost RevenueLost ProductivityTotal Lost
Every Week
Every Day
Every Hour
Every Minute
Secure my website to save per day*
*potential losses in case of an issue

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