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Things change quickly in the digital world and keeping pace with technology and your customers’ needs can be daunting.

Each business comes with its own set of challenges, so whether we work together on a specific project, or as a long-term partner, think of us as an extension of your own team. We’ll get to know your business, and collaborate with you to develop sustainable digital solutions that will grow with you and your customers.

We are developers

We love the web and its endless possibilities. As developers, we focus on creating purpose-built digital products that are fully validated and tested to the highest standard.

We are designers

We think of what we do as an art form. As designers, we combine practicality with style to craft engaging visual branding from new and existing concepts.

When you work with Convergine, you’re working with fellow business owners. We are proud to own and operate Convergine, and we’re proud to work with you to grow your business.

We’re usability advocates
We love code and scripts and all things techie — we couldn’t do what we do if we didn’t. (And we do it pretty darn well!)
But for us, it’s not about the technology itself — it’s about what that technology can do for users. Our focus is responsive, intuitive functionality that’s easy to use at both the front and back ends.
We’re believers in a better web
The digital marketplace could and should be better — for both businesses and consumers. We make it our job to enhance the online experience with high-quality, solutions-oriented web products.
Our custom web development projects target unique business needs with equally unique solutions.
We’re an extension of you
Our products and projects help expand your company’s reach and capabilities by putting the web to work for you.
Working with us on your project, you’ll get the benefit of our expertise and technological savvy. It’s like having your very own development team, but only and exactly when you need them.

We’re all about delivering the best possible experience for users. Whether it’s a system to help things run smoothly behind-the-scenes, or an attractive website to engage new clients, our goal is to provide solutions that are efficient, reliable and easy to use.

Ongoing collaboration

We believe in a collaborative approach that includes frequent communication and client involvement throughout the project. We encourage feedback early, and often.

Informed decision making

Understanding your audience and their needs is critical. We eliminate guesswork and make decisions based on real data, research, and your expert knowledge of your business.

User driven

It’s not about the technology itself — it’s how you use it. We build intuitive products that directly correspond to users’ needs and make doing business easier and more efficient.

Best practice as standard

All of our products are built, validated and delivered to industry standard. Our thorough quality assurance process give us and our clients peace of mind.

A better web for all

We are committed to improving the online experience for both businesses and consumers. We prioritize accessibility, usability and sustainability in all that we design and build.

Dealing with Microsoft Partner.

What does it mean for your business?

To work with Silver Microsoft Partner such as Convergine means to work with a company that earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s widely-recognized partnership program. We have established a close working relationship with Microsoft to provide to our clients the highest level of expertise in Microsoft products and services such as Office 365, Azure cloud platform, SharePoint and others. Dealing with Microsoft Partner to setup an Office 365, migrate to Azure cloud, or optimize existing cloud architecture is an assurance that the project will be done to the highest standard and with outstanding support.

Dealing with Digital Ocean Solution Partner.

What does it mean for your business?

Convergine is an expert when it comes to the hosting infrastructure architecture, setup or maintenance. As a Digital Ocean Solution Partner, we bring to you one of the most reliable platform, predictable pricing, world-class service along with the highest security and compliance. Working with a Solution Partner like us, you can deploy and scale seamplessly with a complete support by our team.

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