Website Design for Montreal Dermatology Research Institute

Founded in 2017, the Montreal Dermatology Research Institute (MDRI) promotes education and carries out research on the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases. Their team engaged Convergine to create a fresh brand identity and design a website.


Brand Identity Design

We began the work on the project by developing a new brand identity for the institute. A range of visual assets from a new logo, style, and relatable imagery to stationary establish a unique tone and voice and help MDRI tell a story that resonates with their audiences.


Website Design

The website's calm, pleasant look and feel incorporates the new identity. A thoughtful selection of imagery, simple and intuitive layout make it easy for users navigate the website. Concise content structure designed around user needs, clear messaging, and thoughtfully placed "calls to action" help visitors find all necessary information about the research grant programs and the application process.


Intuitive Donation Process

A clear, informative and easy-to-use donation form is designed to help the institute raise funds to support the science, including studies that will allow them to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat dermatological diseases.

Intuitive donatio form

Grant Application Process

A straightforward grant application process is available directly through the website making it easy for applicants to complete and provide all required information. An intuitive step-by-step process, along with clear guidance around requirements and documentation simplifies the application process.

Application process
Our team designed a modern, intuitive, functional and brand-aligned website that helps MDRI engage and educate its audience, deliver a great user experience and, ultimately, establish long-lasting partnerships.
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