Brand identity design for Montreal Dermatology Research Institute

Montreal Dermatology Research Institute (MDRI) is a registered charity founded in 2017 in Montreal to advance knowledge in skin biology and pathology to prevent, screen, diagnose, and treat dermatology diseases better. MDRI team approached Convergine to create a fresh brand identity to be rolled out across different media channels, including their new website.


Design Concept

We started by thoroughly analyzing the organization’s story and culture, researching the target audience and similar organizations. Then, we prepared several detailed personas representing groups that the organization wanted to appeal to.

The winning design concept is based on simple yet powerful and meaningful shapes. A circle of the emblem represents skin, the essence of the business that covers and protects our body. The semi-circle next to it resembles the letter D for Dermatology. Both visual elements complement each other, forming a simple, powerful, and unique combination supported by the institute's name in both languages.


Typography & Color Palette

We selected a combination of two modern fonts for typography: Stolzl for the logo and the Byriany family for web and print.

As for the brand colours, we selected a combination of beige gold and dull purple to evoke calmness and trust, reflecting the spirit and character of the organization.


Visual Assets and Style Guide

Project deliverables included a social media kit, a range of stationery templates such as business cards and letterheads, various mockups and PowerPoint presentations. We have also developed a brand identity guidebook that captures the style guidelines and outlines the rules for applying and maintaining branding across different media channels.

Visual Assets and Style Guide 1
The client's team was delighted with the project outcome. Now, the institute has a fresh and relatable brand identity and supporting visual assets that help the organization stand out and connect with its audience.
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