Our Partnership with Bastion Cloud

June 28, 2021 / Time to read: 3 minutes
Our Partnership with Bastion Cloud
Having a reliable online presence is more important than ever in 2021. The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation across the majority of industries and as we shift commerce and business processes online, more security threats emerge.

Cybercrime has exponentially increased in the past decade. Statista reports over 1000 reports of data breaches and over 150 million personal records exposed in 2020 alone. We’ve also witnessed numerous blockbuster cyber-attacks, including the SolarWinds supply chain hack and, more recently, the Colonial pipeline hack. 

While preventing hackers from attempting to breach your website or CMS is impossible, there are proactive measures that can identify the threats before they are exposed, reduce damage, and prevent attacks.  

We understand that reducing security vulnerabilities requires effective website management by professionals like Bastion Cloud that provides security maintenance preventing downtime, lost leads, dropping in search rankings and keeps the customer experience enjoyable. 

Partnership with Bastion Cloud enables our clients get access to proactive web maintenance and support services to secure their websites and business. 

Why you need a real service provider like Bastion Cloud 

Running an online business or simple company website is more accessible today than ever before. Platforms like WordPress and Craft CMS offer easy-to-use web builders and automated tools to keep business owners from hiring a full-time web developer.  

Entrusting security solely to a CMS or 3rd party plugin can leave business owners at risk because hackers constantly target these platforms and they are too big to handle security for every client. 

Keeping your business and customer data secure requires a real website security service provider, like Bastion Cloud, dedicated to your specific needs. 

Proactive Website Management and Support 

Bastion Cloud takes a personal, proactive approach to website management and support that is unique to every client. Their service includes: 

  • An account manager gains access to the website’s backend and assigns a monitoring agent with expertise in online security to manage the website on a day-to-day basis 
  • In-house developers perform a detailed site audit, analyzing the site’s current health, run a scan for malware, and apply any necessary updates to the core and plugins. 
  • Once the client’s specific needs are clear, the team begins monitoring the site.  


Bastion Cloud’s managed websites are automatically backed up to the cloud each night, and carefully backed up manually before each update. They monitor overall health, as well as SSL expiry, dead links, and security issues. 

It offers all clients complete transparency through our Citadel dashboard. Website admin can view analytics and stats regarding their site’s security. They also receive a daily report outlining recent updates and backups.  

About WordPress Maintenance 

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system on the internet. Approximately 609 million websites are using WP’s easy-to-use and highly capable platform. The accessibility and functionality of WordPress attract users of all skill levels as well as malicious actors looking to take advantage of beginners unaware of the regular maintenance required to run a secure WP website. 

Every WordPress website is attacked at an average rate of five times per day. 

Bastion Cloud offers managed maintenance for businesses, e-commerce sites, blogs, and personal websites running on WordPress. Security is too important to leave on autopilot; you need a managed security professional to monitor your WordPress website’s health. 

About Craft CMS Maintenance 

Not operating with WordPress? No problem. Bastion Cloud offers managed services to craft CMS websites and take the same, catered, proactive approach to security. Bastion clients will receive: 

  • 24/7 managed plugin/core updates 
  • Website uptime monitoring 
  • Daily updated reports
  • Malware insurance guarantee 
  • Website health dashboard 
  • Secure cloud backups 
  • Ad-hoc services 
  • SSL expiry monitoring 

Downtime Calculator 

Many times business owners don’t understand the extent of damage caused by a website going offline. Bastion Cloud developed a tool that calculates the financial loss your website will suffer if it is hacked. Click here to use the free tool. 

Secure your website today with Bastion Cloud 

Your website is too essential to leave security up to chance. Hackers are vigilantly looking to expose outdated CMS core and plugins. With Bastion’s proactive website maintenance and support, you can rest assured that your website will be prepared to handle outside threats. Avoid downtime and concentrate on growing your business with the help of Bastion. 

We offer clients who manage or own more than one website a discounted monthly rate for our maintenance and support service.

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