Our passion for WordPress runs deep, and we approach each project with meticulous attention to detail. No matter the complexity, we've got you covered, skillfully blending custom development with professionally-vetted quality plugins.

We never settle for limitations.

We never settle for limitations.

That's why we steer clear of pre-built templates and site builders, opting instead for fully custom solutions that give you complete flexibility. Is your website stuck on an older version? Fear not! We specialize in seamless migrations to the latest WordPress version, ensuring you stay up-to-date and secure. And for those in need of a speed boost, we've got you covered there too! Our speed optimization services will have your website running like a well-oiled machine, meeting all of Google's stringent requirements.

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We prioritize performance and security.

We prioritize performance and security.

When it comes to WordPress websites, we prioritize performance and security. Rest assured, your web asset will be nothing short of top-quality, tailored precisely to your unique business requirements.

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E-commerce solutions.

E-commerce solutions.

For e-commerce solutions, we harness the power of WooCommerce to create fast, scalable, and secure online stores. We go the extra mile, expertly integrating WooCommerce with various online tools and platforms like ODOO, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more, to extend its functionality to suit your business needs.

E commerce solutions
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E commerce solutions

Website design process entails

These days, it’s too easy to throw together a website using a do-it-yourself site builder platform. But as cost-effective and convenient as that approach may seem, it won’t get you the results your business needs. Suffice to say, our workflow is robust, starting with a needs assessment and ending with… Well, we’ll get into that later as the work on a website is never really finished. But along the way, you can expect us to build your website bit by bit as we carefully work through our proven process:

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Needs assessment

What are your business objectives? What are your customers’ goals in coming to your site? How do we make those align? We figure out these questions and more during this initial stage.

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We want to learn everything we can about your customers’ needs, motives, drives, and so on. We gather data on them as well as your competition in order to make smart, data-backed decisions for your website.

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How do we use the data we have to create the ideal website and experience for your users? We use this knowledge to start strategizing the structure of your site, layout of your pages, and the relationship between all these moving parts.

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Content creation

We design around your content, not the other way around. So, figuring out what you have to say and how you’re going to say it is critical to nail down as soon as possible.

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UX strategy and UI design

The content on your site is ultimately what convinces your visitors to become customers. But they might not make it to that point if we don’t craft the ideal user experience (UX) or interface (UI) for them.

Read more about our UX strategy and UI design solution here.

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With a working prototype of your site built and approved (see Step 5), we will get to work on coding your site and putting all of the pieces into place. You can read more about this down below.

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Quality assurance

This process is extensive as it requires multiple rounds of implementation and testing during the development process.

First, we implement the code and design. Once that’s validated, we move onto the content. Once the content’s approved, we move onto technical tests for mobile-friendliness, cross-platform compatibility, accessibility, and more. It’s not until all of these boxes are checked off that we can move to the launch phase.

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With your website refined and ready to go, we will handle the launch.

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