It takes time and money to build a website or application for your business. But if you want to build something that will truly benefit your organization, then data needs to become part of that investment as well.

You can’t afford to make any decision for your business — least of all for an investment of this magnitude — based on your gut or your designer’s. You need to tap into the minds of your end users in order to get the best results.
When it comes to building your website or application, that means using intelligent, research-proven UX strategy and UI design to do it.

What is UX strategy?

UX stands for “user experience” and it covers every interaction a user has with a brand — from discovery in search to usage of your app. A poor experience at any stage could cost you their business and loyalty.

What is UI design?

UI stands for “user interface” and it refers to the physical appearance of a website or app. This is essentially the digital face of your brand and needs to be attractive, modern, and otherwise flawless.
The key component that sets UX strategy and UI design apart from regular old design techniques is data.
To learn more about how Convergine uses UX strategy and UI design to craft user-friendly and goal-oriented digital products for your business, keep reading.

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Connect with your audience
Deliver a website or app that’s tailor-made for them
Provide the kind of experience that turns visitors into customers as quickly as possible

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