Our telehealth solutions help healthcare providers to enhance service delivery, simplify communication, and achieve the best outcome for their patients.

Telehealth solution

Benefits to Practitioners

  • It expands access to services to patients beyond their location.
  • Streamlines workflows and optimizes care coordination and delivery.
  • Lowers the cost of care by leveraging technology.
  • Reduces no-show rates by making care more accessible.
  • Fosters efficient patient-practitioner relationship and satisfaction.
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Telehealth solution

Benefits to Patients

  • It makes healthcare services conveniently accessible to patients regardless of location.
  • Patients get care faster without driving to the hospital or medical center.
  • Minimizes unnecessary expenses.
  • It improves doctor-patient relationships and helps patients get better care.
  • Patients get information easily and flexibly.
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Our Advanced Telehealth Solution Is Your Practice Competitive Edge

We help healthcare providers adopt advanced telehealth solutions that foster virtual appointments, expand access to care from anywhere, and significantly improve patient convenience and experience.

What’s more, digital telehealth solutions reduce room for human errors and miscommunication, exchange patient data securely, automate appointment management and lower the cost of care by treating more patients with less effort.

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Telehealth solutions brings
value by improving
retention by 70%


We work with clinics and practices to deploy telehealth solutions that help them deliver convenience and extended care to their patients.


We offer turn-key solutions that help practices grow by adopting technology and digital solutions, increase revenue and improve patient outcomes.

Hospitals and
medical centers

We help hospitals and medical centers in Canada automate their processes and digitalize patient care by integrating existing technology and the right solutions.

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Based in Canada, we operate on a global scale to design and develop interfaces, software, and other digital products across the entire spectrum of modern digital infrastructure.

Advanced Telehealth Solutions

to provide your patients
with better care.

Modern Website

Advanced telehealth solutions start with a modern website. We create new or convert existing websites into an effective virtual front door to communicate relevant information in an easy and accessible way. We will transform your online presence into a virtual meet and greet and help you deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Patient Management System

We integrate a Patient Management Systems or CRM to help you effectively manage your practice and centralize all your customer data in one place.

Microsoft Teams Solutions for Healthcare

Our digital telehealth solutions will expand your practice with the ability to offer virtual healthcare experiences supported by Microsoft Teams for healthcare.  This telehealth platform allows you to collaborate and communicate with your patients and staff anytime from anywhere. By leveraging Microsoft Booking functionality, we provide a simple and effective way to organize schedules and manage appointments while saving more time for meeting with patients.

Payment Integration

Our integrated telehealth solution will enable you to safely process payment and invoicing automatically. When it comes to payment processing providers, we are flexible. We can add your system or integrate our service to fit your needs.


Telehealth platform resides on Microsoft Azure, a cutting-edge cloud platform, offering you unlimited scalability, security, compliance and performance.

Security and compliance

Microsoft Azure provides top-notch security and unmatched healthcare industry compliance offering (HIPAA and more) to meet the highest standards of healthcare organizations of any size.


We stay up-to-date with the latest web development technologies to build high-quality, modern websites for our clients. We use a range of front-end frameworks like Yii, React, Angular and back-end solutions like Node.js and PHP to create fast, responsive, and reliable heathrace websites.


Custom Solution
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Teams
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Convergine has designed and developed a custom website to facilitate telehealth capabilities for All Health Medical. With a strong focus on functionality, the website allows patients to schedule appointments for various medical tests effortlessly. By providing a seamless user experience, patients can conveniently choose their preferred location, test type, and appointment date and time. Additionally, patients can easily input the necessary personal and contact information, make online payments for the tests, virtual book appointments for test kit pickup or delivery, and even purchase tests online. Convergine's expertise has ensured that allhealthmedical.com is a comprehensive platform equipped with advanced telehealth solution to serve patients effectively.

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Aqene is a game-changing online therapy service that brings psychotherapy right to your fingertips. Our custom CRM application consolidates and manages patient and healthcare practitioner data, effortlessly integrating platforms like CraftCMS, MS Bookings, and MS Teams. Aqene's telehealth platform connects therapists and patients through a convenient website, a therapist-oriented recruitment platform, and intuitive user portals and provides seamless appointment management. With an intelligent search feature, finding the perfect therapist that meets multiple criteria becomes an effortless journey.

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