Your website is one of the greatest tools in your marketing and sales arsenal. But it won’t stay that way on its own.

To make sure your website is always working for you (and not against you), it requires regular upkeep. The code should be debugged. Security threats have to be fended off. Content needs to be updated. There’s a whole slew of things that happen behind the scenes to give visitors of your website the very best impression every single time. Convergine makes sure that happens.

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Services Include
24/7/365 Website Uptime Monitoring Included Included
Malware Scanning Every 12 hrs Every 6 hrs
Malware Removal SLA Ad-hoc, $150 per hour Included. Within 12 hrs.
Daily broken links monitoring Included
Disaster Recovery (from backup) Ad-hoc, $150 per hour Included
Nightly Offsite backups with 30 days rollback. Files and Database. Included Included
Nightly Cloud backups with 30 days rollback. Files and Database. Included Included
Staging site setup - for testing updates, before updating live sites Included Included
WordPress core updates Bi-weekly Weekly
Plugins updates Bi-weekly Weekly
Customer Support Ticketing System Personal Manager
Incident response through email / tickets / calls during business hours (M-F, 9am - 6pm) *** From 2 hrs. during business hours, depending on severity level. From 30 min. during business hours, depending on severity level.
Incident response through email / tickets / calls outside of business hours and holidays Ad-hoc only, $250 per hour. Subject to availability. From 2 hrs., depending on severity level.
Business Flows Monitoring See Application Monitoring Plans See Application Monitoring Plans
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How we cover your business

Our SLA ensures that there’s someone there, monitoring your website carefully, ready to hop in and optimize resources and make adjustments or repairs when they’re needed.

Your Website

Guaranteed availability of our team to address support requests as a first priority.
Malware scanning and removal.
Core and plugin updates to ensure website and its elements are up to date.
Close monitoring of its uptime and all activity around it.
24/7/365 Website uptime monitoring.

allows your users to continue having a seamless experience interacting with your company’s website.

This is invaluable for your business’ growth and success. Regular maintenance of your website will mean users never encounter an error or bug that could have them casting doubt on your business’ ability to care for their needs.

In a customer’s eyes, how your business’ website functions and responds will equate to your business’ ability to support their needs.

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