Whether it’s your accounting software, CRM, or project management tools, you can’t afford to let issues with your business application get in the way of your company’s success.

It is critical to ensure that key systems remain healthy and that those exceptions are investigated and addressed quickly and efficiently. With our application managed services, you’ll never have to worry about things like buggy software, traffic surges, lost data, or vulnerabilities intruding on your ability to manage your business processes, work with leads or communicate with your customers.

Continuous monitoring principle in DevOps addresses this – continuous feedback loop from production back into development feeds performance and exceptions telemetry to subject matter experts in real-time. We analyze data on the performance of your apps so that it’s easy to spot issues as soon as they arise or even before. This enables us to provide a quick response and real-time resolution of issues so that your business apps always remain stable, functional, and secure.

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Services Include
24/7/365 Continuous Monitoring Included Included
Functional Checks (Transaction Monitoring - aka Business Flows Monitoring) 1 flow 3 flows
Daily broken links monitoring Included Included
Real User Monitoring 100,000 Page Views 500,000 Page Views
Exceptions Monitoring Included
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How we cover your business

Our SLA ensures that there’s someone there, monitoring your business application carefully, ready to hop in and optimize resources and make adjustments or repairs when they’re needed.

Business Application

Guaranteed availability of our team to address support requests as a first priority .
Scan it against possible vulnerabilities.
Functional checks and real user monitoring.
Close monitoring of its uptime and all activity around it.

such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, there is no more need to monitor the physical infrastructure the application runs on, as it is now Microsoft’s or Amazon’s competency and responsibility.

However, neither of them is responsible for monitoring the workloads their customers create.

Application management service is one of the ways to remain engaged with us past the delivery date and ensure that someone is watching the application, responding to issues as they arise. As software developers, we know what it takes for the application to run smoothly.

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