Website Redesign for Alpha Labs

Alpha Laboratories Medical Division is a well-known and respected medical laboratory for its commitment to accurate diagnostics. Their advanced laboratories and skilled team provide high-quality services to diagnose, manage, and prevent diseases. This project results from a successful collaboration between the Convergine team, HealthFutures and AlphaLabs.

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The Challenge

The primary challenge was overhauling Alpha Labs' outdated website to make it user-friendly, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for its key audiences: patients, healthcare providers, clinical trial testing manufacturers, and stakeholders. The previous website had many usability and performance issues and functional limitations and didn't effectively serve the company's marketing efforts and cater to the diverse needs of its user groups.

The Process

The redesign process started with a comprehensive UX analysis of the existing website, identifying areas for improvement such as structure and navigation, content gaps, performance, mobile friendliness, accessibility and others. Stakeholder interviews supplemented this to understand better the unique needs and objectives of each group interacting with a website.

The design concept centred on creating a streamlined, intuitive user experience segmented to address the content needs of patients, healthcare providers, and others while highlighting Alpha Labs' core values, branding and technological advantages. 

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User Segmentation

We focused on enhancing user experience by developing dedicated sections for primary audiences. This segmentation allowed us to tailor the content and functionality to meet the unique needs of each group, ensuring a personalized and efficient browsing experience.

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UI/UX Design

We prioritized user-centric design principles, crafting a visually appealing and intuitive interface. The user interface was meticulously and creatively designed to facilitate seamless navigation, making it easier for individuals from all three stakeholder groups to find the information and resources they sought. 

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Responsive Design

Recognizing the diverse range of devices and browsers used by visitors, and their demographics, we ensured that the website displayed flawlessly on various screen sizes and platforms. Our responsive design approach guaranteed that whether users accessed the site on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, they would enjoy a consistent and fully functional experience.

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Find a Location Feature

We introduced a "Find a Location" feature, enhancing user convenience by allowing individuals to quickly locate Alpha Labs' facilities. This feature simplified the process of accessing vital information, such as addresses, contact details, and directions, making it easier for users to interact with Alpha Labs and access its services.

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CraftCMS Integration

To empower the client with efficient content management capabilities, we seamlessly integrated CraftCMS into the website's framework. CraftCMS offers a highly functional, customizable user-friendly platform for managing and updating content, ensuring that Alpha Labs could easily keep their website current and relevant without extensive technical expertise.

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Content Strategy

Our content strategy revolved around aligning the website's content with the specific needs of each user group and, importantly, with Alpha Labs' overarching business objectives. By organizing the content in a logical and user-friendly manner, we ensured that visitors could easily find the information and resources most relevant to them while also advancing Alpha Labs's goals.

Performance Tuning

Website performance, search engine optimization and responsiveness are critical factors for user satisfaction and ranking. Therefore, we conducted comprehensive performance tuning to optimize the site's speed and responsiveness. This effort resulted in a faster-loading website, enhancing the overall user experience and improving search engine rankings.

Training and Documentation

Recognizing the importance of empowering Alpha Labs' staff to effectively manage the website's content, we provided comprehensive training and documentation. This ensured that the client's team could confidently use CraftCMS and maintain the website's content with ease. Our goal was to enable Alpha Labs to maintain a dynamic and up-to-date online presence independently.

The redesigned website successfully caters to the needs of patients, healthcare providers, and clinical trial testing manufacturers, offering each a seamless and intuitive experience. With the addition of the "Find a Location" feature, users can quickly locate Alpha Labs facilities, further enhancing the site's functionality. The new website not only boosts Alpha Labs' online presence but serves as a robust platform that aligns perfectly with its brand identity and values. Through this redesign, we have elevated how Alpha Labs interacts with its diverse client base and showcases its pioneering solutions.
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