E-commerce is known to drive higher conversions, increased sales, and improved digital customer service - if you build a performant app with intuitive UX/UI. While some may consider it a necessity for retailers only, the healthcare e-commerce market is rapidly developing. According to Yahoo Finance estimates, it will surpass $309 billion in 2022 and will grow at a CAGR of 18.7% by 2026.

Market players develop diversified products - for instance, DocVilla is a doctor marketplace that connects patients with physicians. Another examples are Walmart Canada, an online pharmacy. In Convergine’s portfolio there are examples such as custom shopping cart solution for LifeLabs to allow patients conveniently purchase lab tests online or web application to order COVID related rapid and PCR tests done for All Health Tests (link).If you want to expand to online sales, consider Convergine a reliable partner for e-commerce for healthcare development. Our team can support you the whole way, from generating ideas to designing, implementing, and promoting an e-commerce platform.

What Companies Benefit from E-commerce development in Healthcare in Canada?

Here are the top 3 healthcare e-commerce options to consider:

1. Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors

You can be a medical device reseller with both B2B, B2C and D2C business models involved or a manufacturer targeting end consumers. If you aim to reach and convert into clients corporates, together with at-home individuals, your marketplace needs to be designed with the needs of both groups in mind. For example, while, unlike individual clients, healthcare institutions usually don’t need guidance on which equipment to purchase, they appreciate dynamic pricing depending on the order volume. Individuals may like embedded customer support and personalization features.

2. Online Pharmacy

You can set up an independent online pharmacy or integrate it into your existing healthcare website, allowing patients to buy prescribed medicine over-the-counter or online. Convergine can help you to build an intuitive online drugstore that will meet provincial or territorial pharmacy regulations.

If you integrate an e-commerce pharmacy into your existing website, we will ensure that it works flawlessly with your CRM, CMS, patient portal, front-door office, and the entire IT infrastructure.

3. Healthcare Services Marketplace

  • Telemedicine. Patients can find available telehealth services that providers offer. When integrating telehealth functionality, we will consider online booking and billing, as well as content management to ensure users can easily find a physician with the relevant expertise and knowledge. This is what was done for All Health Tests (link) when we integrated telehealth functionality based on Microsoft Teams platform
  • Doctors’ Marketplace. This is a local e-commerce platform that patients can use to find the right healthcare specialists—either nearby or online. We will devote specific attention to doctors’ cards, so patients can get as much information about their experience, rating, and specialization as possible. We can also add your clinic’s geo-data, so patients can sort practitioners by location.
  • Lab Tests Marketplace. This allows patients to easily find labs nearby. Besides content management and intuitive UX, Convergine can set up patient portals for users to easily access their personal data, purchase history, and billing details. We can even implement AI, which improves personalization by analyzing a patient’s personal data, medical history, and conditions.

Using an e-commerce site builder such as Shopify isn’t often enough to run an efficient and user-friendly e-commerce website that is up to the clients expectations. You will tremendously benefit from an experienced UI/UX designer to facilitate a user journey, custom web development services for healthcare to run a performant, speedy, and easy-to-update app, and other e-commerce development services Convergine is eager to offer you.

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