Website Design for Janitized®

Janitized® is a family business offering a comprehensive line of “commercial grade” aftermarket filters designed for commercial cleaning professionals. The company engaged our team to design a new website to enhance their online presence, promote their products and showcase expertise.

We started the project with understanding the brand, goals and requirements to achieve the best user experience. We came up with a simple and easy-to-navigate website layout to create a smooth user experience and make it easy to find all necessary information about products and additional resources for clients and distributors. We expanded on their current branding with a bold colorful palette, relevant images and visual elements.

With hundreds of products to select from, the user experience needed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. All products, industries and brands are organized and categorized in a clear and logical way. A search functionality is an alternative and easy way to find any product.

An easy-to-use submission form is designed to allow distributors to provide all necessary information and to join the network across Canada and the United States.

The end result is a modern, engaging and easy to use website delivering a great user experience and serving Janitized® as a strong marketing tool.