Website redesign for JM Auction Online

JM Auction Online stands out as a leader in online auctions for self-storage business owners and is known for its innovation and integrity within the self-storage auction industry.



JM Auction Online faced challenges with its outdated website that hindered its growth and user engagement. Convergine stepped in to revamp its digital presence, bringing modern website design, improved user experience, and enhanced functionality to the forefront. This case study unveils the transformation journey of JM Auction Online, showcasing how our collaboration reshaped their online auction platform.

The challenge

JM Auction Online, the oldest and leading online auction platform in the Western USA, had been operating with a decade-old website that got outdated in design and functionality. They needed a fresh digital approach to cater to prospective bidders, sellers, and stakeholders while maintaining their reputation for trust and professionalism.

About the project

Project objective

Convergine's mission was clear: modernize JM Auction Online's website to boost trust, credibility, and user engagement. The primary objectives included:

  • Modernizing the website's design will contribute to establishing trust and credibility more efficiently.
  • Improving the user experience for key action-related use cases such as bidding, selling, and registration.
  • Making the website fully mobile-responsive to meet the expectations of the growing mobile audience.
Projects objective

Key stages and deliverables

Discovery and strategy
  • Conducted an in-depth analysis of JM Auction Online's challenges, goals, target user groups and their pains and preferences.
  • Defined a strategic direction to align the website with its core objectives.
Design and development
  • Crafted a fresh, appealing user interface based on thorough UX analysis and aligned with existing brand guidelines.
  • Ensured the new website was engaging, easy to use, and easy to navigate across all devices and browsers.
  • Collaborated with JM Auction Online to create concise, informative and engaging content. 
  • Curated content sections to highlight JM Auction Online's expertise and professionalism.
Technical implementation
  • Upgraded the website to PHP 8.2 for improved performance and security.
  • Enhanced website functionality for seamless user journeys.
Testing and quality assurance
  • Conducted rigorous testing to ensure website functionality across devices and browsers.
  • Guaranteed a flawless user experience.
Deployment and launch
  • Precisely deployed the final product, marking the culmination of our collaborative efforts.
  • Presented JM Auction Online's platform to the world with a modern, user-friendly digital gateway.
Website Design Process
The design of a new website for JM Auction Online has recharged its online auction presence and user experience. Our team has empowered JM Auction Online to engage users effectively and maintain its industry reputation by modernizing the design, enhancing user journeys, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. The client's satisfaction is the best confirmation of the project's success, showcasing the potential for further growth.
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