Website Design for Ivan Yakovlev

We're thrilled to share our recent website design project for Ivan Yakovlev, a Toronto-based mortgage broker specializing in custom mortgage solutions. This project is a continuation of our previous collaboration with Ivan, where we worked on his branding and overall digital strategy. Building upon our past design decisions and deliverables, we aimed to create a website that reflects Ivan's personalized approach to each mortgage case.

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The Solution

Website Design Process: Bringing Concept to Life

To bring Ivan's vision to reality, we started by crafting a solid information architecture, ensuring users can easily navigate the site and find the information they are looking for. From there, we moved on to wireframing, carefully planning the layout and structure of each page. With the foundation in place, we transformed the wireframes into a visually appealing user interface, perfectly capturing Ivan's brand essence at the same time.

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Content: Unveiling Mortgage Solutions for All Situations

One of the key focuses of this project was developing compelling and informative content. We paid great attention to the voice and tone, ensuring that it strikes the right balance between professionalism and a personal touch. The website features a range of services tailored to different mortgage needs, along with real-life cases that demonstrate Ivan's expertise and ability to find solutions in challenging situations. We dedicated a special section to address common scenarios, such as mortgages for new immigrants, self-employed individuals, and those going through a divorce. By highlighting these specific cases, we aimed to provide valuable insights and offer a helping hand to those who often face difficulties obtaining mortgages through traditional channels.

Features: Tools for Easy Mortgage Calculations and Smooth Onboarding

To enhance the user experience, we integrated helpful features into the website. Visitors can take advantage of the mortgage calculator, a convenient tool that allows them to estimate their mortgage payments effortlessly. Additionally, we designed a streamlined onboarding flow that starts with a simple question: "How much money do you want to borrow?" This user-friendly approach guides potential clients through the initial steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from the very beginning.

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Conclusion: Elevating Ivan Yakovlev's Brand and Positioning

We are proud to have designed and developed a distinguished website encompassing Ivan's branding and messaging and solidifying his unique positioning in Toronto's super-competitive mortgage industry. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a website that portrays Ivan as a trusted partner dedicated to providing personalized mortgage solutions for individuals facing various financial situations.

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The Result
Check out Ivan's website at, and feel free to explore the seamless blend of design, content, and user-friendly features. If you have any questions or want to discuss your mortgage needs, Ivan is just a click or call away!
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