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HealthTech Application Development for Healthcare organizations throughout Canada and the United States

HealthTech (also known as digital health or MedTech) is a rapidly developing niche that covers a wide range of health-related technologies, such as web applications, cloud computational services, databases, and other products for a healthcare business’s internal and external needs. 

HealthTech application development elaborates and commercializes medicinal products, services, and operations by improving the existing features and upgrading the service delivery quality while reducing expenses.

HealthTech: Informational Apps

Nowadays, most healthcare institutions resort to MedTech application development to integrate complex features, and they focus mainly on practical outcomes. However, some MedTech solutions can also be of great help in marketing. 

Informational apps are a good example of how this technology can be used for promotional purposes. Here are some of the services you might want to provide to your prospective customers in a branded info app:

  • Body condition analysis. Patients track changes in their body condition via special apps or wearables, which automatically provide health-related data to your app. 
  • Medical specialist blogs. Make your app a verified source of professional information from certified healthcare specialists. Let patients read blogs, ask questions, and even get online appointments with the doctors they trust the most.
  • Professional tips. Based on your patients’ data, you can advise which doctor can help them or what information they should read depending on their personal medical conditions.

Top 4 Features of a Successful Healthcare Info App

  • User-friendly UI/UX design. Easy onboarding is key. You have to ensure anyone can easily navigate through your app and won’t get stuck at a crucial moment (for instance, when trying to schedule an offline appointment).
  • Robust notification system. Inform patients about new features, services, specialists, schedule changes, etc. 
  • Integrations. Promote your services by integrating your CRM into the info-app. This allows your customers to evolve from readers to actual patients. Don’t forget about social media platforms; they are time-tested and cheap tools for increasing your reachable base of potential customers.
  • Advanced solutions. Consider offering sophisticated features like a cross analysis based on a patient’s personal health data recording.

HealthTech: Professional Software and Advanced Features

Trying to overcome the pandemic-related challenges, the most prominent healthcare players took advantage of HealthTech to enhance their practical solutions and find new sources of income. Here are some in-demand features:

  • Appointment scheduling. Display free windows in your specialists’ schedules and allow customers to make online/offline appointments by simply filling out a form and specifying the desired date and time.
  • Online consulting. Make sure your company is HIPAA compliant so that your doctors can make diagnoses or prescribe treatments online via secure communication channels. 
  • Supervised medical recording. Implementation of this feature includes developing special in-app software that allows direct communication (chats, online calls) between patients and doctors, as well as storing and displaying medical data via a user-friendly interface. Please note that you must maintain HIPAA compliance to let your patients keep track of their health conditions under the supervision of specialists.
  • Medical data collection. Allow your patients to share essential data, such as heartbeat rates, weight changes, test results, and so on. This feature requires the usage of databases and cloud APIs to securely store patients’ data and share it with medical specialists upon request. 

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