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Whether you want to build a new website or redesign an existing one, it’s important to partner with a designer who understands the healthcare industry and its digital needs and can design a great user experience for medical professionals and patients. Our team has the expertise needed to build a fast, convenient site that converts leads to patients.

Why should you consider redesigning (updating?) your healthcare/medical business website?

If you already have a functional website, what’s the advantage of investing in redesign? Well, if any of these points apply to you, it might be time for a revamp:

  • Your website isn’t doesn’t adhere to PIPEDA privacy regulations.
  • Your site’s navigation and workflows are confusing and inefficient.
  • Your site is running slowly.
  • Your patient portal, if you have one, is hard to navigate, inconvenient, or unsecure.
  • If your objective is to get leads from the website and you aren’t generating as many as you’d like, and your marketing strategy needs a boost.
  • Your current website isn’t mobile-friendly.

At Convergine, we offer bespoke website design for healthcare in Canada, the US, and other markets. . As a full-cycle web design and development company, we have the expertise and experience to capture your company profile and introduce modern solutions. We’ll build a website that boosts brand awareness, brings in more sales, and delivers financial returns to stakeholders while providing your patients with an accessible, intuitive experience. And your healthcare business will benefit from the engagement, experience and efficiency that well-designed, clean-coded websites bring.

Healthcare businesses used to implement technology at a slower pace than other industries. But times have changed. Now, modern digital solutions are rapidly shaping the future of healthcare such as Microsoft for Healthcare. If you wait, you risk losing potential clients — now is the right time to modernize your website and provide your patients with a fast, convenient experience.

Our web design team caters to medical practices, hospitals, medical labs and pharma, medtech companies, and others in the healthcare field. So, whether you need designing, developing, modernizing, optimizing, or all of the above — we’ll do it with compliance, creativity, and high performance in mind.

Why Every Healthcare Business Needs a Modern Website

  • Boosting credibility – Patients expect medical practices, medical labs, and hospitals to have fast-loading, secure, and easily-navigable websites. We will make sure your site provides patients with an excellent experience, thereby boosting your credibility.
  • Showcasing products and services – Patients can easily find information on treatments and packages, price lists, doctors’ information, addresses, contacts, etc. They will no longer have to dig through your site trying to find relevant information. We’ll revise existing content and display it prominently.
  • Establishing better communication – Offer patient care and answer medical queries before and after business hours through feedback forms, online chat rooms, and other communication channels.
  • Establishing better communication – Offer patient care and answer medical queries before and after business hours through feedback forms, online chat rooms, and other communication channels.

Why Every Healthcare Business Needs a Modern Website

Selecting the right partner for your medical website development is half the work. When it’s a partner who deeply understands and is able to achieve your desired goals, functionality, and technical brand requirements, you know you’re on the right track towards digital transformation. That is what you get with Convergine. Here are the highlights of healthcare websites developed by us:

  • Intuitive navigation – Clear paths for current and new users to make sure patients and providers find the information they are looking for.
  • Modern functionality – Connect with patients, offer collaboration opportunities, and highlight the experts through new features.
  • Following brand guidelines – Incorporate your logo, color scheme, typography, and icon sets to be recognizable at all touchpoints and stand out from the competition.
  • Accessible digital content – Make your digital environments fully accessible and inclusive to everyone.

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For website development for healthcare in Toronto, give us a call or meet the team in person! Convergine has a long history
of serving clients all around Canada, and you are always welcome to visit our office in Toronto.

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