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Go Energy Clean is a new company specializing in home improvement solutions, encompassing services like HVAC system installations, air quality evaluations, and smart home automation setups.

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The Challenge

The objective of creating the new website for GoEnergyClean was to establish a strong online presence and effectively showcase their HVAC solutions and smart home products to the residents of Toronto. The website aimed to build trust with the target audience, generate leads, and encourage enquiries for their services. High requirements were set for website performance, user journeys, quality content, and other elements that contribute to successful lead generation, given the company's active involvement in online marketing.

Concept - Simplified, Aligned, and a Top Marketing Performer

Our concept for the website design was centered around simplicity, aligning with the new brand guidelines, and providing a convenient user experience. The website was strategically structured to be a top marketing performer, effectively generating leads and enquiries for GoEnergyClean. By combining modern aesthetics with well-organized content, the website aimed to build trust and credibility with potential customers, ultimately encouraging them to engage with the company.

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Website Design Process and Technology

In the website design process, we started with wireframes and then crafted a user-friendly and visually appealing UI that aligned with the new brand guidelines. Content development focused on providing informative and compelling content to educate visitors about HVAC solutions and smart home products. Web development was carried out using Craft CMS, ensuring convenient content management and meeting modern requirements such as mobile friendliness, responsiveness, search engine optimization, cross-browser compatibility, and website security.

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Website Development - Integration with Custom Web Application

As part of the project, we integrated the new website with GoEnergyClean's custom web application. This integration allowed online inquiries and leads to be automatically forwarded to the web application, ensuring efficient and prompt customer service response with no delays. The seamless integration streamlined the lead management process and enhanced overall customer experience.

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The successful development and launch of GoEnergyClean's new website have significantly boosted their online presence and lead generation efforts. The website's modern design, user-friendly interface, and conveniently-structured content have built trust and credibility with the target audience, effectively encouraging enquiries and generating leads. The seamless integration with the company's custom web application ensures timely and efficient customer service response, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

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With a powerful combination of modern technology, convenient user experience, and strong online marketing efforts, the new website has positioned GoEnergyClean as a reputable and reliable provider of HVAC solutions and smart home products in Toronto.
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