Website design for Corso Italia

Corso Italia, a delightful neighborhood in Toronto, is known for its colorful cultural tapestry and bustling commercial streets, boasting a variety of shops, restaurants, and events that reflect the community's rich Italian heritage.


Project objective

The objective was to revitalize the Corso Italia website with a modern touch, aiming to heighten community engagement and enhance site functionality. This involved not just a visual overhaul for a more contemporary look and feel but also improving the ease of navigation and interaction for visitors. Equally important was simplifying content management for the website administrators, enabling timely updates and maintenance, and ensuring the website remains a vital, user-friendly portal for locals and visitors alike.

Project Objective


The redesign process on Craft CMS for the Corso Italia website was approached with a focus on creating a seamless user experience. The development team selected Craft CMS for its flexibility and robust content management capabilities. This allowed for a tailored design approach, ensuring that the platform could cater to both the aesthetic and functional requirements of the site. Emphasis was placed on intuitive navigation and interactive elements to encourage exploration of the neighborhood's offerings. The back-end was structured to allow administrators to easily update content, reflecting the dynamic nature of Corso Italia's events and business listings.



The integration process involved incorporating Google Places API, which bridged the gap between the Corso Italia community and its commercial landscape. This addition to the website allowed for real-time updates and details about local businesses and attractions, enriching the user experience with an interactive map and searchable business directory. The API integration ensured visitors could access accurate, up-to-date information about the neighborhood’s offerings, from dining to shopping and entertainment, directly through the website.

The outcome of the redevelopment project for the Corso Italia website was the launch of a responsive, intuitive platform that effectively serves as a digital hub for the community. It caters to both residents and visitors, providing a rich, interactive experience that showcases the cultural vibrancy and commercial vitality of Corso Italia. With enhanced functionality and a user-centric design, the website now stands as a go-to resource for exploring all this dynamic neighborhood offers.
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