Transforming Tillsonburg's Business Directory for Effortless Discovery is the official city website, featuring a comprehensive business directory that showcases Tillsonburg's world-class retail, commercial, and industrial sectors, reflecting the city's vibrant business community.
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A user-friendly and efficient business directory is essential for both residents and businesses in any community. The Town of Tillsonburg recognized this need and partnered with Convergine to create a modern, intuitive, and feature-rich business directory.

The Challenge

Tillsonburg aimed to revamp its business directory, enhancing its accessibility and user-friendliness for both the community and local enterprises. The primary goal was to establish a digital hub to easily connect users with the town's businesses.

The challenge

Project Objective

Tasked with this mission, Convergine’s team set out to design and develop a business directory for Tillsonburg. The directory was envisioned to streamline the process of finding and interacting with local businesses. Key objectives included developing a directory with efficient sorting and filtering options, ensuring a seamless user experience across devices, and integrating the directory with Zoho CRM for up-to-date business information.

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Website Structure

The business directory is structured with multiple sections and features:

  • Directory: A central hub for discovering local businesses.
  • Search Options: Users can search by company name, sector, or employee range.
  • Search Results: Presented in both list view and map view.
  • List Data Fields: Company, address, city, postal code, and more.
  • Company Profile: Detailed business profiles with essential information.
  • Option to claim existing business: Businesses can verify and update their listings.
  • Existing Businesses: Pre-existing businesses imported from the CRM.
  • Submit New Listing: A form for new businesses to request inclusion in the directory.
  • Update Existing Listing: A form for businesses to request updates to their listings.

Zoho CRM Integration

Convergine developed an API connector to seamlessly integrate the business directory with the Zoho CRM. This integration allows for real-time updates and ensures accurate business data.

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The deliverables of this project are centered around user experience and functionality. The front end of the business directory is designed to be user-centric, boasting robust search capabilities and presenting detailed company profiles. Users are offered the flexibility to view search results in two distinct formats: a list view for a straightforward linear approach and a map view for a geographical perspective.

The business profiles are comprehensive, encapsulating key details about each enterprise. To enhance interaction, businesses are provided with features to manage their listings, promoting an active and up-to-date directory. Lastly, the Zoho API connector stands as a testament to Convergine's commitment to providing a directory that consistently reflects accurate and current business information.

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The Town of Tillsonburg's new business directory has redefined how residents and businesses connect within the community. Convergine's expertise in design, development, and CRM integration has resulted in a digital platform that enhances accessibility and encourages local engagement. The project showcases the power of digital transformation in strengthening community ties and fostering economic growth.
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