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The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) leads advocacy for the mineral exploration sector. With a global membership exceeding 7,000, PDAC is committed to fostering a mineral sector that is not only competitive and responsible but also steadfast in its commitment to sustainability.



The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) presents the GHG Emissions Calculator, a pioneering tool for the mineral exploration sector. This calculator is designed to assist companies in quantifying and managing their greenhouse gas emissions, thereby enabling informed decisions to reduce their environmental footprint. It supports compliance with environmental regulations and fosters a commitment to sustainable practices. By providing a clear picture of the emissions from exploration activities, the PDAC GHG Emissions Calculator empowers organizations to take meaningful action toward carbon responsibility.

Key stages and deliverables

The creation of the PDAC GHG Emissions Calculator was a multi-faceted project. During the development of the PDAC GHG Emissions Calculator, a sequence of critical steps were undertaken:

  • Requirement gathering: Detailed discussions with industry experts to determine the functional needs of the calculator.
  • Simplifying complex data: Devising methods to turn complicated emissions data into understandable formats.
  • Designing for the user: Focusing on a clean, intuitive interface that would make navigation and data entry simple.
  • Algorithm development: Creating algorithms to ensure the accuracy of emissions calculations.
  • Real-time data processing: Ensuring the system can handle live data input and provide instant feedback.
  • Statistical insights: Implementing a feature for PDAC members to gain valuable insights from usage data, helping to guide industry trends and calculator enhancements.
  • Iterative testing and feedback: Conducting rigorous testing phases, incorporating user feedback to continuously refine and improve the tool.

Each of these tasks was undertaken with the goal of providing a reliable and essential service to PDAC members, supporting their commitment to sustainability and informed decision-making.

Key Stages and Deliverables
The development of the PDAC GHG Emissions Calculator stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tools that empower sustainability in the mineral exploration sector. Our iterative design and development process has resulted in a reliable and user-centric platform, enabling users to track and manage their carbon footprint accurately. This tool is more than just a calculator; it's a step towards environmental accountability, fostering industry-wide adoption of greener practices. We are dedicated to maintaining its relevance and effectiveness through continuous feedback and updates in an evolving regulatory landscape.
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