Website for IELTS Canada

December 27, 2014

IELTS is Canada’s most popular high-stakes English-Language test. Accepted as a proof of English proficiency for study at all university and colleges in Canada, and for permanent residency and citizenship by provincial and federal governments, IELTS is the test that opens doors.


IELTS Canada is an organization devoted to test and prepare new residents, immigrants and international students in the use of spoken and written English. The organization offers a variety of services and preparation programs, spread over a multitude of training and testing locations.

The website was built in such a way as to pack all of this information for visitors to find, yet organize it in such a manner as to eliminate any confusion. The layout combines a strong presentation of the brand with a clear division of the information into topics and subtopics, allowing the visitor to quickly find what they are looking for.

The site is integrated with the centralized IELTS CRM system, and also makes use of WP features and plugins, such as Google Maps API, mailing services and many others. Along with the use of information modules in the Latest News section below, the website offers a visitor friendly navigation experience.