Custom CRM Development for Ecoline Windows 

Ecoline Windows specializes in supplying and installing replacement windows, doors and patio doors for residential properties.  

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The Challenge 

Ecoline Windows reached out to us to completely revamp its outdated and poorly-designed customer relationship management (CRM) system, which was causing many problems for their business.    

The code was bloated, slow performing and inefficient, making it difficult to make changes or updates to the system. The user interface had a poor design, making navigating and performing tasks cumbersome and frustrating.     

In addition, the CRM wasn't built with a long-term strategy. It didn't have the scalability or flexibility needed to support the growth of the business. As the company continued to expand, the CRM became increasingly inadequate and unable to meet the changing needs and requirements of the business.   

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The Discovery Phase

Given these issues, our team recommended that the project require a clean start. This meant building a new CRM system from scratch that is modern, efficient, and user-friendly. We would also equip the CRM with SaaS (software as a service) capabilities to onboard other window and door manufacturers to use as sub-users. This would allow Ecoline Windows to "sell" access to this system to similar companies who would operate it using their own data.  

The new SaaS CRM had to support the growth and success of the business, with a focus on scalability, flexibility, and long-term strategy. By creating a system that meet these needs, Ecoline Windows could overcome the challenges and limitations of the old system and position itself for future growth and success. 

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The Solution 

The client engaged our team to help improve the functionality of the old CRM. The goal was to fix existing problems and ensure that Ecoline Windows staff could work efficiently while promptly addressing ongoing issues.    

At the same time, our task also included creating a new version of the CRM that reflected current and future business needs. Besides being user-friendly, this version needed to be user-friendly, effective, and scalable.  

Our team worked closely with the client to identify and prioritize the essential features and capabilities the new SaaS CRM system needed. We also worked to develop and implement a solution that met these requirements. 

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Employing Agile Principles In Managing Projects

We employed agile principles in managing both projects, releasing updates frequently and continuously iterating based on feedback from our quality assurance team and the client's team.    

This approach was necessary due to the rapid expansion of the business and the need for formalized or proven business processes.    

Agile principles allowed us to quickly deploy updates and make adjustments as needed based on real-time feedback. 

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The Result
We addressed all existing issues with the client's former CRM to improve the user experience. The new SaaS CRM we developed retained the old system's functionality with several new features that helped Ecoline Windows migrate to more efficient workflows and optimize their business processes. The result is a system that delivers a comfortable, efficient experience for users. 
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