Business Break is a content-rich website for business owners that provides tips and ideas on how to win more customers and encourage growth through excellence in a range of areas, including customer experience, business strategy, e-commerce and technology.

High quality, curated content

As business owners themselves, the group behind Business Break know the value of practical advice. Succinct and action-oriented, the tips and ideas are organized in multiple functional categories to ensure users can effortlessly find the latest content relevant to their interests. 


Math is Easy;
Design is hard

Jeffrey Veen, OTAMA


Readable and shareable

Efficient design and a neutral colour scheme ensures that the content speaks for itself. Business Break users enjoy an uninterrupted reading experience that is complemented by relevant visuals and the ability to share content they enjoy with their social networks at the click of a button.

Scalable, like your business

Websites, like businesses, grow over time. Business Break’s content is categorized in a robust and intuitive way that can be expanded as needed, helping users to find information relevant to their industry or business stage, their interest in market or technology trends, or simply by using the powerful search function.

Collaborative content management

The powerful content management system means that new content can be added to the website quickly and easily, allowing multiple authors to contribute their Business Break ideas at the same time.

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The result is a dynamic, content-driven website that is practical and engaging. It showcases the breadth of Business Break’s business insight and expertise in an accessible and convenient way that will keep readers coming back for more.