Craft Commerce 5: Key Updates and New Stripe Plugin Integration.

July 08, 2024 / Time to read: 3 minutes
Craft Commerce 5: Key Updates and New Stripe Plugin Integration.
We're always excited about the latest advancements in web development, especially when they involve Craft CMS. Recently, Pixel & Tonic released Craft Commerce 5 and the new Stripe Plugin, marking new milestones for developers and businesses alike.

Craft CMS has been instrumental in creating strong and flexible websites, and the release of Craft Commerce 5 takes it to the next level. This new version offers features that enhance large-scale, custom e-commerce functionalities. Craft Commerce 5 is an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their online stores, and we'll explain why next.

What’s new in Craft Commerce 5?

According to a recent post on the Craft CMS website, Craft Commerce 5 introduces several key updates that greatly enhance its functionality and user experience:

  • Multi-store management
    You can now manage up to five unique stores within one Craft Commerce setup. Products can now be enabled, priced, and discounted individually for each store, allowing each store to operate with its base currency. This ensures that each store can cater to its specific customer base with localized pricing strategies. Additionally, this setup enhances overall operational efficiency, making maintaining consistency and control across multiple stores easier. It allows for quick adjustments to pricing and discounts based on market trends and your specific needs, ensuring your stores remain competitive and responsive.

  • Inventory locations
    Monitor and operate your product inventory across five locations, ensuring optimal stock levels and efficient distribution. This feature allows for better oversight and control of your inventory, reducing the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

  • Catalog pricing
    You can now pre-generate purchasable pricing with custom pricing rules, resulting in more precise and efficient pricing strategies tailored to specific needs. 

  • Product revisions
    Products now come with drafts, autosaving, and versioning, ensuring your work is continually saved and minimizing the risk of data loss. These enhancements streamline the editing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Variant indexes
    Variants of products are now featured within an embedded index on product pages. This feature lets customers easily view and choose different product options without navigating away from the main product page. It enhances the shopping experience by consolidating all variant information in one convenient location.

Introducing the new plugin for Stripe payments solution. 

With the release of Craft Commerce 5, the new Stripe Plugin has also been launched, bringing powerful features for content integration to your site. This plugin enables seamless integration of products, subscriptions, customers, invoices, and payment methods from Stripe into Craft. Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive syncing
    Ensure all your Stripe data is synced with Craft for smooth e-commerce operations.

  • Custom fields
    Enhance products and subscriptions with custom fields.

  • Free and flexible
    This plugin is provided at no cost and facilitates the migration of subscriptions from Craft Commerce.

Why choose Convergine for your Craft CMS development?

As a Commerce and Enterprise Verified Craft CMS Partner, Convergine is committed to staying at the forefront of Craft CMS developments. Our team leverages the latest tools and features to create robust, scalable e-commerce solutions tailored to your business needs. 

For more insights into Craft CMS and how we can help you harness its full potential, explore our related blog posts: Craft CMS 5: What's New and It’s Official: Convergine is a Commerce and Enterprise Verified Craft CMS Partner.

    Upgrade your e-commerce strategy with Craft Commerce 5 and Stripe.

    The release of Craft Commerce 5 and the new Stripe Plugin marks a significant advancement in e-commerce website development. These updates offer enhanced features, better user experience, and seamless payment processing, making building and managing successful online stores more effortless. 

    At Convergine, we are excited to integrate these new tools into our projects and continue leading the way in Craft CMS development.

    Ready to elevate your e-commerce experience? Let's discuss how we can help transform your digital presence with Craft Commerce 5 and Stripe Plugin.

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