Appointment booking system with inventory tracking and SaaS solution for Robert Street Automotive 

Robert Street Automotive is an Australian-based workshop that offers its' clients quality automotive service and collision repairs using the latest diagnostic software and workshop tools.

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The Challenge 

Robert Street Automotive's old booking and order management system was created years ago and needed to be more intuitive for its employees. The company requested a redesign, better optimization, and extra functionalities to improve its back-office processes, making it easier to manage everything and get more tasks done quickly.

As an extra service for its B2B clientele, our client also wanted the ability to independently set up a booking and order management system for other auto repair shops without needing assistance from Convergine, leading to long-term cost savings.

The Solution

Enhanced management system

We generated several new features and enhancements to our client’s booking and order management system. This included a new calendar view that allows users to see all bookings and to make new appointments directly in the calendar.

Additionally, users can edit, print job cards and loan car documents, send SMS and email, and complete jobs. The main calendar also displays a vacation schedule. Overall, we revamped the design of the entire system to improve its aesthetic and enhance the user experience.

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Inventory tracking

An inventory tracking software system was an important addition as it enables technicians to scan QR codes of items running low on their mobile devices and send a notification to the front office to reorder them. We also provided the option to print QR codes on labels.

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Master system

As requested by our client, we developed a master system that automatically creates subdomains and web applications for other auto repair shops that want to purchase a booking and order management system to manage their orders. To do this, Robert Street Automotive can create a new application for those businesses within the new master system.

Other features

We implemented a new "Add-ons" section. It allows users to use feature toggling to switch specific features on and off at runtime, with limited access for only the Master Admin. 

Another important feature we included is a section for setting up email signatures and adjusting several types of email templates, which weren't previously available. With the drag-and-drop feature, users can quickly reschedule appointments.

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These new developments offer many benefits for our client’s booking and appointment management processes. It includes a user-friendly calendar view, inventory tracking, and the ability to expand the business by creating new web applications for other companies. These features streamline the management process and open new growth opportunities.
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