Branding for RentWOW!!!

Located in Toronto, RentWOW!!! is a home staging and rental company with extensive knowledge and reputation. For years it has been a company of choice for people with home staging needs. As the company’s brand image became outdated, RentWOW!!! needed to rethink its positioning to align with the growing market landscape and evolving clients’ needs. RentWOW!!! team reached out to us to develop a new brand identity.



We worked with RentWOW!!! team to understand the vision and the message they wanted to convey. First, developed a new logo by nicely incorporating two words “Rent and WOW” and the exclamation mark. The word “Wow” conveys the experience promise that customers should expect when working with RentWOW!!!. The exclamation mark is used to reassure the message and inject enthusiasm.


Colour Palette and Typography

We thought through the new colours considering the company history and tradition. We selected dark blue and nice calm purple as primary colours to maintain the brand origins while adding a fresh and innovative touch. An appealing and contemporary font Montserrat is chosen to communicate the modernity, creativity, and efficiency of the brand.


Digital Assets

We designed a range of custom-made stationery to create a more personal experience. From business cards to wraps for their track fleet with custom 3d renders of interiors of different rooms and spaces. These wraps represent the concept of magical transformation – just like how they transform your home space! The new branding style is being applied across all media channels from their new website to social media and office appearance. In addition, we developed a brand book guide to help the client apply branding style across different media channels.

RentWOW!!! team was very excited to launch a refreshed brand identity that reflects their evolving story and highlights the value to existing and potential clients.
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