Website for Tech Home Ltd.

September 7, 2016

A custom home and cottage builder in Muskoka, Tech Home Ltd. needed a highly visual website to showcase their work. We used our expertise to incorporate high-quality images throughout the site without sacrificing responsiveness or usability.

High-Resolution Images

Our design used photographs of various sizes throughout the site to show Tech Home’s beautiful work, as well as to accompany and support the content. High resolution helps keeps pictures clear and colours bright no matter the display size, from a smartphone screen to a wall-mounted flat-screen television doubling as a computer monitor.

Easy-to-Read Text

Studies have shown that users don’t read web content the way they do print. To help users quickly take in information, our design chunks text next to relevant images. With only a few lines to read and an image to help draw the eye and reinforce the message, users are able to understand the content at a glance. Large-text callouts centred at the top of a page highlight the company’s competitive experience and advantage.

Integrated, Secure Client Site

Existing Tech Home clients can access files and information related to their projects through an integrated, secure client site. Accessible throughout the main website from a link in the banner, this section of the site requires a user name and password to enter. A complex database on the back end maintains client login and project information, as well as permissions, to ensure that information is always accessible, but only to those allowed to see it.