Website for Siberia Boxing Club

Dec 20, 2016

If you want to learn boxing with the best and from the best – Siberia Boxing Club is exactly what you need.

Siberia Boxing is a no-nonsense training facility recently opened by an award winning, world famous Russian boxing coach who’d trained silver and gold champions and sent dozens if not hundreds of young men and women on the path of success. The objective of this web development project was to reflect this same no-nonsense, intense, tough, rewarding environment that the gym creates for its participants.
The backgrounds are dark and intense, featuring spectacular high resolution images of boxers at their best. The high detail photographic style draws the visitor in, creating a feeling of being already there, challenging them to put on the boxing gloves and enter the ring. The aim is to create an invigorating, tingling sensation and a strong desire to be a part of this amazing sporting community.
The layout is ultra-modern, with slide-in elements and animated text, which creates a dynamic, flowing feel to the entire user experience. We decided on soft red backgrounds for some of the text elements to create a strong but not intimidating contrast with the black backgrounds. It is important to show that the environment is highly challenging but in a friendly, supporting way. The design is made perfect by having a sleek responsive interface that looks amazing on any mobile device.