Website Design for

Nana Essence

June 21, 2017

Nana Essence is a perfect example of local Canadian entrepreneurship and of a small business that thinks big. The company was started by a businesswoman who wanted to introduce better, higher quality bath products and make them accessible for everyone. For this, the web design for this brand had to deliver a feeling of down to earth freshness.

Cleanliness and Clarity

The primary theme of the website is green on white, projecting the feeling of pristine nature at its best. At the same time, this being an online store, the products were very pointedly positioned directly below the main banner so that customers don’t spend time looking for them on the site.

Refreshing, Invigorating and Just Feels Good!
Organic Chemical Free Natural Beauty!

Essential Selling Techniques

The primary purpose of the website being sales, it has call to action buttons positioned in every banner, inviting visitors to place their orders. A prominent menu is set up on the left side, keeping the users informed of the site’s sections, increasing visitor engagement.

Color and Type

The primary site fonts were chosen with the goal of emphasizing this brand as organic and mineral rich, but not for high class buyers only. This sets it aside from elite boutique shops, making it accessible and appealing to a wider range of clients. The font was chosen due to it being friendly in nature, creating an inviting feeling in combination with the primary green hues of the site.

Capturing the Essence

The result is a website that accomplishes its mission with perfect ease. It manages to instill a feeling of freshness and freedom in the visitor while at the same time promoting the product in a very clear and streamlined manner. A perfectly user friendly selling tool.