Facility Booking App

December 16, 2016

Food Starter provides access to shared production and packaging facilities, business advisory services and a structured training program in order to help entrepreneurs build and grow their food processing business.


The Challenge

The booking system of the Food Starter web design project is a project in its own rights. Its purpose is to connect beginning food industry entrepreneurs who visit the site with various facilities that they could use. This includes kitchens for rent, dishwashing and dish rental services, and more.

The Solution

For this purpose we have created a grid-system based section for picking, scheduling, and booking a variety of services offered on the site.



This section is characterized by a no-nonsense, businesslike layout and design, which still employs white and orange contrasts for visual effect and emphasis. This section’s information architecture is a streamlined 3 step process, where a service is chosen from a list, then found in a calendar, and finally booked by the visitor.


Every offered service, such as a kitchen for rent for example, has a separate page where the visitor can examine a full list of its equipment, appliances and features, as well as see a picture of the facility itself, displaying its layout and space.


Finally, payment is handled in a secure, easy to follow sequence offering a range of payment methods to choose from. The prices differ for members and nonmembers, encouraging visitors to get an account and register on the website, which also links them to promotions, specials and everything else this network has to offer.


A project of this complexity required a full QA run with in-depth testing of all its features on both the client and visitor side. In addition, we deployed a detailed training program to familiarize the client with all features of this section, so as to allow them to be perfectly equipped to introduce their clients into the system.


The result of our efforts was a perfectly functional, polished and user-friendly system that even now connects businesses and services in mutually beneficial enterprises. The friendly architecture and design in combination with well developed customer support make this web development project into the great success that it is.