Ask an Expert section

November 12, 2016

Food Starter provides access to shared production and packaging facilities, business advisory services and a structured training program in order to help entrepreneurs build and grow their food processing business.


The Challenge

The goal of this business is to connect food industry startups with expert food industry consultants and assist the beginning enterprise with topics such as accounting, business law, marketing, production, and more.

The Solution

This website development project was launched with the goal of creating a friendly, easy to navigate environment in which services related to the food industry can be offered and easily found. The connection to advisors and other service providers is simple, intuitive and streamlined.

The goal of creating a one-stop shop for food industry entrepreneurs to get all of their questions answered had to follow several very concrete considerations. The restaurant business and food industry being a fast-paced and often very particular field, matching the person asking the question to the exact expert able to answer it was the first priority.
The greeting banner states what the visitor can expect loud and clear in bold orange letters – “Answers on Demand, 24/7 Access to Food Business Experts”, the main goal and purpose of this site section. It is vexing sometimes to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a brief consultation. Here the visitor gets remotely connected to all the sources of information they may require.
The process is simple in the extreme. You get to enter your concern in a text field, which runs a search and gives you all the relevant topics and the experts specializing in them. Once you click on an expert’s icon, you get access to their greeting page, with a bio and list of credentials. The system is a perfect funnel, which is great for visitors and amazing for business.


The result of this project is a thriving networking community where entrepreneurs get their problems solved in a fast, cost-effective manner and in the shortest time frames possible. Most business owners get their questions answered without even leaving work, between handling customers and other day-to-day issues. An indispensible resource.