UX principles from Google on how to enhance eCommerce websites and grow business

January 29, 2019 / Time to read: 2 minutes
UX principles from Google on how to enhance eCommerce websites and grow business
An increased focus on UX has been throughout 2018 and, without any doubts, it will be on the radar to succeed in 2019. It will drive customer satisfaction, buying behavior and, as a result, impact your business bottom line.

With millions of websites and so much competition going on today, your web presence more than ever plays a crucial role for your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Google recently published a UX Playbook for Retail revealing key UX elements that impact user experience and online buying behavior. Developed to help companies improve their website mobile experience, this 108 page ebook contains insights, recommendations and proven facts from leading retail brands on what website areas you should focus on.

Among areas for improvement, Google highlights:

  • Home/Landing page
  • Menu Navigation
  • Search
  • Category/Product
  • Conversion
  • Form Optimization

Each area offers practical recommendations that solve a business problem, help engage and delight customers.


A few insights from the Google playbook

 As an example, in order to create a strong and effective home page, you need a clear and descriptive CTA, a benefit-oriented value proposition, a readable font size, a social proof (customer testimonial), no revolving carousels etc.

While many of Google’s recommendations seem like common sense, we see that a number of underperforming websites is still quite high. According to Google research, one of the factors (as an another example) that can  negatively impact your visitors is using an automatic homepage carousel or slider. Why? Automatic carousels can be perceived as a banner and are often ignored by users. Google study recommends that it is better to let the user be always in control.

If you are new to UX principles and want to learn more how they influence a user behavior and motivations, this ebook is for you. It is an excellent,  easy-to-read guide to help you understand fundamental UX practices, how they work and add a competitive edge to your brand.

Read a Google UX Playbook.  Have questions or need expert advice on the topic? We are right here to help. Let’s talk.

 Explore a portfolio of  high performing, appealing websites and web applications developed with UX principles in mind.

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