Website for Neworld Medical Detox

Nov 18, 2016

Neworld Medical Detox is a top quality tailored professional medical care centre, providing smooth withdrawal and a comfortable private stay at their upscale homey 5-STAR residence.


Residential Medical Detox is a high-end 5 Star Hotel style addiction treatment centre that cures illness by creating wellness. The web development project you see is a reflection of their personal and professional personality and creed. The website seeks to project the same combination of complete emotional calm and impeccable medical professionalism in its appearance, starting from the colours and all the way to the smallest details.
To enhance accessibility and provide a comfortable user experience, the main page displays a screen-wide hero image of a family entering a luxurious residence, set in a green, grassy countryside. The effect of calm and luxury is supported by the use of teal fonts in cursive and a teal tint to the picture, giving it a nostalgic, dream-like appearance. At the very front are links to the Company Promise, the Amenities and a Photo Gallery, positioned in front of the image where the user can see them right away. All in a toned-down, dignified, yet not at all easy to miss visual style.
The information architecture of the site is very clear, and divides it into various detox programs, a detailed section about the amenities and an information section focusing on addictions. This is all supported by powerful imagery contrasting the problem on one hand and the offered solution on the other, showing how much better it can all be. But this website is much more than a marketing tool. It is an honest offer of a new life to those who wish to have it. A 5 Star web experience for a 5 Star company.