Logo and Corporate Identity Design

November 14, 2016

Content has always been one of the main driving forces of internet marketing, and one of the trademarks of good copywriting is clarity and readability. The message should be both condensed and easy to follow. Those were the two main guiding principles when creating the logo and corporate identity for Headstart Copywriting.

Good Copy is When the Pieces Fit

The logo is based on the company name’s initials H and C, shaped like a book. The final touch in addition to that was to shift the book halves vertically and make them “click” into each other, producing a perfect symbol for a well conveyed thought.


HeadStart is an extension of your team to help you finish your content projects

Color and Type

The primary color we chose was a deep aquamarine, which creates a soothing effect allowing readers to focus on the message. Teal is both pleasant to the eye and attracts attention, an advantage for a minimalistic logo that needs to stand out. The typefaces are bold, mostly uppercase, emphasizing the clear and direct content delivery.

We help individuals and companies transition their expertise to online channels and scale for large content projects
The Bottom Line
The end result is a brand that conveys a promise in no uncertain terms – to deliver clear and concise meaning to the readers in every piece of copywriting they produce. The pieces, after all, have to fit.