MS Ignite 2021 - Key highlights from the event

March 16, 2021 / Time to read: 2 minutes
MS Ignite 2021 - Key highlights from the event
Microsoft Ignite, is one of the biggest annual conference that connects tech professionals and industry partners worldwide to discuss the latest trends, technologies and best practices in the digital environment. This year digital event hosted more than 150,000 technology leaders and practitioners virtually for a 48-hour event between March 2-4.

 The challenges we faced last year forced tremendous changes in telehealth, manufacturing, remote working, curbside shopping, video calls with teams and at home and so much.  All these changes urged companies to accelerate digital transformation by leveraging new technologies and innovation, as well as anticipate and address shifts in a fast and efficient way. 

Microsoft Ignite 2021 focus was around its vision of the post-pandemic world, hybrid workplace, continued cloud innovation, AI on edge computing, mixed reality, and expanding security services for organizations.  In this post, we compiled a list of key highlights from the event.


A keynote of Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, talking about five attributes that will drive the next generation of innovation from the cloud:  

  • Ubiquitous and decentralized cloud computing. 
  • Sovereign data and ambient intelligence. 
  • Empowered creators and communities everywhere. 
  • Expanded economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. 
  • Trust by design. 

If you were not able to join the event, watch his keynote. 


Microsoft Ignite: Satya Nadella and Alex Kipman 


An introduction of Microsoft Mesh - hologram-based mixed-reality communication platform. This technology will enable people to virtually travel, train, work and collaborate together without having to stare at the monitor if you have MR/VR headset. It is expected to integrate Mesh with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


Microsoft's Alex Kipman unveils Microsoft Mesh 



The hybrid workplace. While we may start going back to offices in 2021, tools and technology will continue to support us more than before. The era of the hybrid world where we can work from home, office, or anywhere else on its way. Microsoft Teams will continue to promote teamwork, organization, and communication across a virtual environment in ways that mimic the characteristics of a physical workplace. 


Azure Cloud Services remain important for companies to perform, enable business growth, and agility in the evolving world.  Security, performance, reliability, and innovation make this platform even more powerful and safe. Microsoft announced number of interesting announcements and features of Azure AI and Azure Data platforms that enable developers, data engineers, and all other IT pros to leverage the platform. 


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