IntroducingWord Press5.4 -What's New

April 06, 2020 / Time to read: 2 minutes
IntroducingWord Press5.4 -What's New
WordPress 5.4. released its latest update – 5.4. “Adderley” named in honor of Nat Adderley, American jazz trumpeter. The latest version is available as of March 31, 2020 and promises to have more features, improvements and bug fixes to the block editor. As previous releases, new additions affect both the functionalities and the UI, improving the block editor’s accessibility, productivity, and usability. 

In this post, we highlight key changes and enhancements to WordPress 5.4.

Block Editor

The Block editor continues to evolve and offer even more features and functionalities for designers and developers. So, what’s new? 

  • Two brand new blocks. Social Icons block will allow adding links to social media profiles inside posts and pages while Button Blocks will give the option to add more buttons side by side
  • More color options to choose from for your background and text colors
  • Easier to place and re-place multimedia in the block
  • Other enhancements to existing features to streamline the editing process and the content more engaging, dynamic and visually appealing.

UI and Navigation 

WordPress 5.4. also focuses on enhancements around UI and easier navigation. These include easier block navigation, tabbing, and a welcome guide window to replace tips. 

The editor’s productivity has been significantly improved compared to its previous version. It has been stated that the download speed has been reduced by 14%, and the response time when printing has been reduced by 51%. 


Privacy remains a hot button issue today and the new version covers a variety of concerns. Now, questions about regulatory compliance or how you handle user data are easier to answer.

More Things for Developers

There are plenty of enhancements and bug fixes for developers that (according to WordPress) should make them love WordPress 5.4 more, as it makes their life easier. These include more APIs, embeds, simpler block styling and other improvements in the WordPress Admin experience.

To learn more, check the WordPress 5.4 Field Guide and review a full list of enhancements and bug fixes

Wrap Up 

When WordPress issues a new release, it’s important to always keep your WordPress version updated to ensure your website stays up and running and that everything works the way it should. Oftentimes, updates can create unexpected problems behind the scenes, especially with 3rd party plugins and custom website functions. By preventing problems before they arise, you protect your business. 

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