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Do you need a custom CRM?

Jun 17, 2020 / Andrei Medvedev
Time to read: 1 min.
You know your business would benefit from using a CRM… but which one should you choose?

If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the CRM options you’ve explored, it could be because they’re not a good fit. Rather than spend your time hunting down obscure CRMs in the hopes of finding something — anything — that’ll do the trick, let us help you find something that checks off all your requirements.

Is an out-of-the-box enterprise solution enough? Or do you have unique and complex needs that require something more custom? Let’s find out.


Take a quick quiz to understand what solution you might need….

Question 1 / 10

Do you have a CRM?

Question 2 / 10

I’ve learned how to find what I need, but I wish the CRM was easier to get around.

Question 3 / 10

There are too many features I don’t need or use.

Question 4 / 10

We have a unique process, so I don’t expect the CRM to take care of all our needs.

Question 5 / 10

We’ve had to adjust some of our processes to fit with what the CRM can do.

Question 6 / 10

I’d like to scale our sales and marketing efforts, but we’re too busy to make it happen.

Question 7 / 10

I’ve limited user access so we don’t have to pay as much a year.

Question 8 / 10

Our monthly reports aren’t all that helpful, so we end up doing our own data analysis & reporting

Question 9 / 10

We have a number of business apps we’d love to connect with, but there’s no option to do so.

Question 10 / 10

I wish support was more knowledgeable and hands-on.

Almost done

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Now, when you know your result, let’s face it. If a CRM gets in the way of your:

  • Productivity…
  • Efficiency…
  • Agility…
  • Competitiveness…
  • Profitability…


What you probably need is a custom solution.

Although the upfront cost of a custom CRM is higher than enterprise CRM solutions, the long-term costs are often much lower. With the right CRM in your arsenal, your business can accomplish so much more as you’re no longer tied down by manual processes, limited data, or software that was built for someone else’s needs.

Want to learn more about how a custom CRM can bring major innovation and success to your business? Let Convergine help.

We love what we do, and we think of it as an art form, but it’s not all about looks and ingenuity. Underlying the artist’s aesthetic in both our process and our products is problem-solving practicality and shrewd business sense.

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