Website for Lux Tech

May 12, 2016 is a top online source for all luxury accessories and devices. They have 20 years of accumulated experience supplying the highest quality tech and fashion items to discerning customers worldwide.

Luxtech is a high end online gallery offering exclusive wares, ranging from golden Apple phones to exquisite diamond jewelry. The site focuses on high-end buyers with a preference for designer accessories and world famous brand names.
The site is aiming to create an immersive environment not unlike that of a mega mall, where the visitor is constantly exposed to well-made, impressive banners from different designer brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix and more.
The navigation bar offers a clear selection by type of accessory, with a mega drop menu adding the additional division by designer, model or collection type depending on the top category. The body of the web gallery displays high definition images of products by category, offering details, informing about deals and introducing new collections. Every product displays “quick view” and “add to cart” buttons on mouseover, inviting visitors to take a closer look.