Website for Star Auto Glass

April 7, 2016

Star Auto Glass is a certified company that has been providing automotive glass replacements, repairs and tinting throughout Ontario for over 10 years.

Star Auto Glass is a company that specializes in auto windshield and glass replacement and repair. Most car owners who have to deal with window repair or replacement are usually not ready for the expense, and will prefer a company that offers better prices and quick repairs. As a result of that, it is important to emphasize two main aspects of their service: speed and savings.
The approach that was decided on was a no-nonsense informative tone and a busy-at-work business persona. The front page displays an image of a mechanic concentrating on her job, and the overall layout speaks volumes to emphasize this approach, with a Free Quote form on the right, and company contact numbers with a red call to action button on top.
The website employs a soft blue background and vivid blue emphasized elements. Further emphasis is put on crucial marketing funnel elements of the page, which are red. This colour is used primarily for call to action buttons and certain important elements in the web page’s content. Finally, to increase conversions and mobile outreach, the website is fully responsive and has a clear, crisp appearance on any tablet and mobile phone.