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Improve your provided Healthcare service with EHR/EMR

The more data you have about a patient, the better and more accurate treatment you can provide. Collecting patient data is only the halfway point, though; properly storing and sharing it is the rest of the journey to medical data management.

This is especially relevant for new patients that underwent treatment in another clinic, large clinics with several offices, and patients suffering from chronic diseases. The last group often experiences medication errors and duplications or even undergoes unnecessary repeated procedures, according to a poll conducted by The Orion Health Chronic Care Index.

Having an EHR (Electronic Health Records) or EMR (Electronic Medical Records) allows you to set up a strong system for patient data storage. This improves data sharing across several medical providers or healthcare offices, reduces the time needed to process documentation, allows patients to access their data whenever they want to, and improves treatment accuracy. Consider Convergine for EHR development in Toronto, as well as other Canadian provinces, to take your treatment to the next level.

Why Integrate or Develop an EHR/EMR in Canada?

While an EMR focuses on storing digital patient data like treatment history, diagnoses, and visits to a specific medical organization, an EHR encompasses more extensive information, which can be shared and utilized across several medical providers. It includes such data as health conditions, patient treatments, prescriptions, symptoms, and even scheduling. As a result, both grant you the following benefits:

  • Data storing and tracking

  • Improved and more accurate on-time care

  • Seamless transitions of patients across healthcare settings and providers

  • Reduced bureaucracy and improved productivity, which results in better patient service

  • Enhanced data analytics for complex treatment 

EHR/EMR Development in Toronto and Canada

Canadian healthcare organizations have two ways to get an EHR/EMR:

  • Custom EHR/EMR application development: Convergine provides quality electronic medical records development services. We don’t just build EHR/EMR with your business needs in mind—we also ensure it’s synchronized with your IT infrastructure. This includes the front-door office and other providers’ HERs to maximize the efficiency of data sharing. 

  • EHR/EMR Integration: If you decide to choose one of the hundreds of available EHR/EMR software, Convergine is here to assist you with integrating it into your existing IT infrastructure and adjust it to your business needs.

When developing your EHR/EMR, we address the following challenges:

  • Adhering to provincial/territorial privacy frameworks. Unlike the US, Canada has no single patient data management standards. Instead, they are shaped by a province’s jurisdiction that needs to be addressed.
  • Aligning the tech stack to share data across your IT infrastructure. Otherwise, systems fail to properly communicate with each other, which hurts efficiency and data sharing.
  • Using analytical tools to quickly gain insights and make robust evidence-based decisions. Neglecting data analytics prevents you from getting actionable insights that are the backbone of enhanced and accurate treatments.  

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