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WordPress recently released its latest update – 4.5 “Coleman”

May 05, 2016 / Andrei Medvedev
Time to read: 2 min.
WordPress recently released its latest update – 4.5 “Coleman.” Named in honour of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, 4.5 promises a more streamlined user experience.
WordPress recently released its latest update – 4.5 “Coleman.” Named in honour of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, 4.5 promises a more streamlined user experience. 
Although the upgrades may be small, they offer improvements that will make customizing, editing, and logging into your site, easier. A long awaited feature, you can now add custom logos from the customizer in most WordPress themes.
Put away your phone and tablet, now you can preview mobile, tablet, and desktop views directly in the customizer with live responsive previews to make sure your site looks great on all screens. 
Improvements have been made to the visual editor to improve your writing experience. For example, there is a new inline linking feature, which allows you to easily link to your content while you stay focused on your writing. When you click to insert a link, a field appears inline, allowing you to insert a URL without having to go back to the editing interface.
And, if you enjoy using formatting shortcuts for lists and headings, now they’re even more useful. Three dashes will get you a horizontal line, and enclosing your text with backticks (“”) will turn it into code. There’s no need to remember yet another username, you can now login to WordPress with your email. 
Unfortunately, there were a few bugs in 4.5, and after about six million downloads, WordPress has issued a maintenance release –  4.5.1.
WordPress issues updates on a regular basis. It’s critically important to always keep your WordPress version updated, not only to fix performance issues but also to protect your website from security vulnerabilities. However, sometimes updates can create unanticipated problems in the website, especially with 3rd party plugins and custom website functions. 
On-going website maintenance is the best way to ensure your website stays up and running, that everything works the way it should, and that your visitors have a great experience. 
Convergine offers convenient maintenance plans to help ensure that your website and all plugins are current and working, and that any potential problems with the server and code are resolved quickly.
Inquire about WordPress maintenance plans to ensure your website is well taken care of and you don’t pay in a way of lost business, unhappy customers and unnecessary stress.

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