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Why Choosing the Right Hosting Provider Is Important

Feb 26, 2011 / Andrei Medvedev
Time to read: 1 min.
Selecting the right hosting provider for your domain is every bit as important as your actual website design and content, if not more so. This is a fact because your hosting provider and their ability to keep your website up and online is an essential part of your online business presence and sales and marketing.

You should research your intended hosting provider thoroughly and check their history. You should check for any legitimate complaints about their service to help avoid having to experience them yourself. Your hosting provider has to be reliable, have acceptable uptime, be affordable, be reachable for support when and if needed...

Make sure you choose a reputable organization to be your hosting provider. The ramifications of having an unreliable hosting provider can be financially catastrophic for some businesses. Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night companies offering extremely cheap rates and promising unproven uptimes. In these cases the old adage that says, “something that sounds too good to be true usually is”, couldn’t be more accurate.

Why should you be concerned about the reliability of your hosting provider? Just think if your provider suddenly went out of business and your business website and your online store went down as a result. The time and effort you have to put into quickly getting a new host and getting your domain into your possession is an experience you should avoid at all cost. 

Just ask someone that has had this happen to them or check out forums to see how inconvenient and time consuming the process can be. Meanwhile, while the website is down, none of your potential customers can procure your products or services which will in turn lower their confidence in your business and its competence. 

It’s not worth the risk. Do your homework and research and choose a good hosting provider. Thankfully, there are many affordable and reliable hosting providers out there so there are plenty of options available to you.


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