Dropbox as a Version Control for Your Projects.

January 24, 2011 / Time to read: 2 minutes
Dropbox as a Version Control for Your Projects.

This probably is an old topic which everybody knows already, however we enjoy the dropbox service so much that we simply wanted to share it with our readers. Basically this post is a long overdue due to our late website launch.

What is this "dropbox" anyway?
Well, some people use dropbox only for easy access to their files from any computer or handheld device (it is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad..). Some use it for simplest file sharing with their friends, family or colleagues. It literally takes a second to share a file with somebody - you only need to right click the file in your dropbox folder (on your device) and select "share this folder". You can also use dropbox as a web backups for your files or projects, very convenient.

One of the best features which we find in dropbox service is their option to view older file versions (again, simply right click the file in dropbox directory and select "view previous versions"). So, how can you use dropbox as version control for the project? All you need to do is - work from the dropbox folder. Create new folder with your project inside "My Dropbox" and put all the necessary directory structure and files inside. When writing code or creating new files - do it inside the project folder in "my dropbox".

If you intend to test the project locally (without using development server) you can setup the site in your web server software to point to dropbox directory, or do it other way around, install dropbox into the www directory. This way dropbox projects will be available for the local testing.

The best part - even if someone modifies the file you share (your team member for example), you can get a copy of original file. Dropbox maintains versions of each changes made. If you or somebody else deletes a file from your Dropbox folder on one device/computer, you can view it online through your account and bring that file back with a click.

With free accounts drop box offers you 2 GB, plus you can get more for spreading a word about them (through the account) and by inviting friends to try the dropbox. If that still will not be enough you can get 50GB for $9.99 per month. In our experience - if you don't use dropbox for the backups - free account is more than enough.

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