An accessible website is one that can equally be used by everyone, regardless of ability or disability.

While the aim of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) has been to make accessibility a worldwide standard, the government of Ontario has taken it a step further and created legislation around it.

By January 1, 2021, the Act for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) legally mandates that the following websites meet Level AA compliance of the WCAG 2.0:

  • Large private corporations (50+ employees)
  • Large non-profit organizations
  • Public-sector organizations

Your customers are diverse and likely have a range of different needs. Website accessibility standards help to remove barriers that might prevent or hinder your customers from using your website. As well as being the law, an accessible website helps you to do business better.

legal battles and penalties

Prioritizing accessibility reduces the risk of costly lawsuits due to non-compliance.

more customers

When every visitor gains the ability to use your website to the fullest, new sales opportunities arise.

search visibility

Video and audio transcripts and image alt-text create more opportunities to rank in search.

the user experience

Accessibility features improve the overall usability and content quality of a website — for all visitors.
We build all new websites to meet AODA and WCAG 2.0 standards and can make improvements to existing sites without taking away from your eye-catching, easy-to-use online experience. Some of the criteria that helps to ensure all visitors have equal opportunity to access and interact with your site include:

Provide text alternatives for all non-text content

Provide equivalent information for time-based media

Create content that may be presented in multiple ways

Use of color

Audio controls

Keyboard control

Controlling time limits

Controlling content presentation

How Convergine can help

Accessibility has increasingly played a crucial part in our website development process over the years. As the 2021 mandate requires websites to reach a greater level of compliance, our team is poised and ready to build new interfaces and turn existing ones into 100% accessible websites or web applications.
How to take action and meet AODA compliance


Get a complimentary audit

Have our knowledgeable team conduct a free accessibility audit of your existing website. We will provide recommendations on improvements that can be made to boost customer service and ensure compliance.


Make it compliant

Trust us to make the necessary changes to your website. Some will be visible while others will be behind-the-scenes. We’ll make sure your online presence continues to meet the needs of your business and its customers.


Run tests and confirm

Once the accessibility improvements are in place, we’ll run tests to ensure that your updated website is compliant with the WCAG 2.0 standards and provide you with a report for confirmation.

with Disability Act (AODA) and Web Accessibility Compliance

Download AODA and web accessibility compliance whitepaper along with free accessibility audit of your website.
Accessibility is the right thing to do. And not just the right thing; it’s profoundly the right thing to do, because the one argument for accessibility that doesn’t get made nearly often enough is how extraordinarily better it makes some people’s lives. How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people’s lives just by doing our job a little better?
Steve Krug, Don't make me think
In addition to the website redesign, the client engaged us to develop a new user interface for the new self-service kiosk that Lifelabs was planning to install at multiple lab locations. The goal was to enhance overall customer experience by allowing patients to check-in or register for a test faster and  without additional assistance.  

Working closely with LifeLabs team helped us identify the requirements for the new UI: accessibility, simplicity and integrity in alignment with brand guidelines.

We started with fancy initial drafts but as we progressed, they have undergone significant changes towards minimalistic, brand aligned, and highly accessible design with manageable font sizes, contrasting colors, integrated help options. Simple navigation makes the check-in  and registration processes easy and straightforward for all patient groups and ages.

Rocky Mountain Analytical is an accredited laboratory serving healthcare professionals across Canada who focus primarily on functional medicine testing. RMA offers a comprehensive menu of tests, providing insights that may help with early identification and prevention of disease, and lead to improved health outcomes.  

Through a comprehensive process of understanding the target audience and research on key requirements for a modern and accessible website, our team started the project with accessibility in mind from the very beginning. We paid attention to AODA requirements by integrating all necessary components as we progressed through the project. 

We ensured that all user groups are able to effectively use the website and benefit from it by accessing all necessary information.  The new website is fully WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Simple intuitive navigation, keyboard controls, attention to text contrast, text size, content structure are only some of the parameters that we incorporated and  tested through the project life cycle. 

LifeLabs is a Canadian-owned company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years. The new website we created for LifeLabs is fully compliant with AODA and WCAG 2.0 requirements. With a responsive layout and full keyboard controls, the LifeLabs website is seamlessly accessible.

The site features text alternatives for all images, appropriately contrasting colours and consistent navigation throughout. The LifeLabs website was designed and built with accessibility at front-of-mind, and we tested continuously during the project to ensure that the standards were being met and that nothing was overlooked.

Excelleris Technologies partners with healthcare providers, hospitals and health care authorities to bring together information systems, enabling informed decision making resulting in high quality patient care. 

While developing the website, one of the key requirements was to ensure that the website meets accessibility standards and, in particular, conforms to WCAG 2.0 Level AA criteria -  an obligatory requirement for larger and public sector organizations to be achieved by 2021.

While Excelleris products and services target a specialized niche and its audience is not too large, our goal was to ensure that the website is fully accessible to every visitor.

To achieve this goal, we started the project with accessibility mindset at the design stage working with the color contrast rations, navigation balancing between the aesthetics and AODA Level AA requirements. As a result, we developed a modern functional website that is accessible and fully compliant under AODA standards. 

Free accessibility audit

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