Website for VariaStudio

July 28, 2015

Varia Lebiadzenka is a professional photographer with local and international experience. Though she provides a wide range of photographic services, her speciality is engagements and weddings, including destination weddings. The challenge for Convergine was to create a highly polished portfolio site that would showcase Varia’s work while also marketing her services. And as an extra challenge, the site needed a responsive, flexible design to accommodate the ever-growing blog and gallery features.


The site design is simple — spare but striking. A white background and modular layout provides the perfect showcase for Varia’s elegant photographs and is unobtrusive, letting the work speak for itself. Pops of red highlight action opportunities and evoke love and warmth, the perfect emotions to accompany wedding and family photographs. Content is sparse and direct — after all, a picture’s worth a thousand words.



Varia’s photographs speak for themselves, but she needed to add a little text to the site so she could share her voice directly with potential clients. Our design featured rectangular text modules between bands of images that allowed Varia to share snippets of content speaking to her philosophy and approach. This creates a more personal feel to the site, but short paragraphs and bulleted lists keep the content from overshadowing the gorgeous images.



The blog and gallery features of the website are always expanding. Our challenge was to create a site that was responsive on both the front and back ends, allowing Varia to easily update these features in the content management system, and ensuring they’d display correctly onscreen for users. We chose a user-friendly, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) platform and modular design to meet both needs. The design has the added benefit of showcasing photos as if they were in an album and lending the site a sophisticated, modern air.