Website for Thomas B. Ramsden

March 14, 2016

Thomas B. Ramsden is a business that specializes in yarn and wool products for craftspeople and designers. Anyone and everyone who enjoys knitting, or produces knitted clothing for a living can find everything they need in this company’s stores and online catalogue. They sell yarn, knitting tools, patterns and everything else that comes with the territory.

The web development project for T.B. Ramsden aimed at a design that, while providing modern navigation and user experience, produced an old-fashioned, classical yarn-shop look. The website sports affiliated brands and a complex yet well-organized menu structure with lots of products sorted by category. Each product has an individual page with a high resolution image and detailed product description.

The user experience is focused on convenience and expedience. The visitor is offered to browse a clear selection of items for sale, a search field, always a convenient addition to a store, and other features that produce a straightforward, seamless shopping experience.

During development, we encouraged the client to be involved on every step of the way, providing feedback and giving us valuable input with regards to layouts, image use and product descriptions. The constant communication allowed us to produce a pleasing result in very short time frames.