Website for Team Levine

April 13, 2014

Team Levine is a full-service real estate office, mortgage brokerage, and investment solutions firm. As a new company in a crowded market, they needed a website that would help them stand out and quickly build a client base. As a fully bilingual firm, they needed the site to present information in both English and French without looking cluttered. Convergine offered the perfect solution.

Establishing Credibility

The real estate, mortgage, and financial services industries are booming, and not all companies are out for their clients’ best interests. To establish Team Levine as a credible company and increase their visibility in the marketplace, we showcased their Canadian Mortgage Awards in the header. We also referenced their high-profile partners in a sliding footer. In between, informative headings reinforce the breadth and quality of services provided.

En Français, S’il Vous Plait

Because Team Levine offers all of their services in both English and French, they wanted a website that spoke to both markets. We designed the site so that content in both languages would be accessible and easy to scan. A simple toggle switch at the top of the page takes users between the two languages almost seamlessly. The site layout and features remain the same so that users can easily find what they’re looking for in either language.

Creating Interactivity

Features like a rate breakdown and mortgage calculator let users interact with the site to get more personalized information. This not only serves Team Levine’s clientele better but also helps qualify online leads, making the process smoother once a call to action is followed. Calls to action are prominent, encouraging users to call with questions or apply online. The result is a site that is highly functional for both Team Levine and their potential clients.